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Developers: Respawn Entertainment and Bluepoint Games (360 version)
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: First-person shooter
Platforms: PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360
Release Dates For PC & Xbox One: March 11, 2014 (NA); March 13, 2014 (EU, AU) and March 14, 2014 (UK, NZ)
Release date for Xbox 360: March 25, 2014 (NA) and March 28, 2014 (EU)
Technical: Valve's Source Engine (Heavily modified), 60 fps on consoles
Player count: 6 versus 6.

Set in the near future on a distant frontier torn apart by war, Titanfall drops players in the middle of a conflict between
the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) and the Militia. Play as a fast, agile Pilot, or step into your Titan and
dominate the battlefield with superior firepower.

The minimum system requirements for the PC version of Titanfall are as follows:

* 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1
* AMD Athlon X2 2.8GHz or Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz
* 512MB VRAM, Radeon HD 4770 or GeForce 8800GT
* Requires Origin
* 21 GB download, 48 GB installed.

Thanks to user jediyoshi for the above picture.

Titanfall uses Microsoft's Azure cloud servers to run dedicated servers for PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360.
At launch, there will be no dedicated servers in Australia.

The Collector's Edition is available for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. It includes:

* The game
* Exclusive, handcrafted collectible 18” Titan statue
* Hardcover art book featuring over 190 pages of concept art;
* Full-size schematic poster of the Atlas Titan;

Centuries from now, humanity has spread through the stars, inhabiting even the farthest reaches of barely explored space.
This vast region of space is known as the Frontier. The uncharted and undiscovered solar systems within are of
little importance to normal civilization. For pioniers, explorers and outlaws, the Frontier offers both adventure
and opportunity.

The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, or IMC, started out as a small company called Hammond Engineering.
It made its fortune extracting natural resources from Frontier planets. As civil unrest grew, demand for Titan
manufacturing materials grew with it. Hammond Engineering grew exponentially over the course of a century, eventually
being rebranded as IMC.

IMC is an unwelcome sight in the Frontier colonies, but the commercial empire receives little criticism from
their shareholders and customers in the Core Systems. With the Frontier's valuable shipping lanes and vast planetary resources
ripe for exploitation, the IMC is dedicated to maximizing profits and shareholder wealth, sometimes at the cost
of colonist life.

Spyglass is a physical manifestation of the IMC's vast computational network identity. Spyglass units are
often sent along on ground missions to provide information and surveillance. Anything to keep the meatbags happy.

Blisk is a South African mercenary working under a new long-term contact with the IMC. His first contract earned
him enough to retire to a tropical paradise, but when the IMC offered a renewal, he couldn't pass up the opportunity
to see more interesting places, meet more interesting people, and kill them with even more interesting weaponry.

Vice Admiral Graves is formally known as CINCFRONT, the Commannder-in-Chief of Frontier Command. His operations
are notorious for their lack of adherence to traditional protocol, allowing Graves to personally command IMC forces
in the field. He has a reputation as a maverick with the IMC, often calling for policy changes that are deemed too risky
for IMC forces and too lenient for Frontier citizens. During the inquiry into the Odyssey
scandal, Graves maintained that the ship was forcibly commandeered by MacAllan and his band of mutineers.

The Frontier Militia is the military arm of the Frontier systems' territorial defense pact. More a guerilla army than an
actual military operation, it is a loosely governed mishmash of bandits, mercenaries and pirates, with an occasional
freedom fighter thrown into the mix. Most factions in the Militia don't always see eye to eye, but they are unified
in the fight against the IMC. They claim to represent the colonist homesteaders of the Frontier, but not everyone
is equally happy with that assertion.

As a child, Sarah lost several close members of her family to incidents in which the IMC displaced Frontier
citizens by force. As a result, she vowed to take revenge on the IMC at every possible opportunity, refusing
to rest until they have been removed from the Frontier. For most of her career, she served in Covert Operations for the Militia,
before moving into the command ranks of the Militia’s Marauder Corps. Her long list of successful attacks on IMC installations
landed her on the IMC’s High Value Target List, where she remains listed as one of the 50 most dangerous Militia operatives
still at large.

The name Bish is short for Bishamon, the mythological god of warriors within the Japanese Seven Gods of Fortune.
Bish is an IMC-trained electrical engineer, born and raised on Earth. After getting screwed over by the IMC on
a Frontier job placement that cost him all his savings just to move out there, he ended up in the right place at the right time
– the notorious ‘Bish bar brawl’ - to take the Militia’s timely offer of employment. Bish now serves as a Combat Intel Specialist,
remote hacking into IMC systems during combat on behalf of ground forces, tracking mission progress, and giving tactical
guidance to Pilots on the ground.

A highly decorated veteran of the Titan Wars, MacAllan served as the executive officer of the IMS Odyssey,
under the command of Vice Admiral Marcus Graves. The Odyssey’s mission was part of a peacekeeping operation
on the Frontier for the IMC. Official IMC reports indicate that MacAllan led a mutiny aboard the Odyssey fifteen years ago,
citing numerous grievances with the IMC’s treatment of Frontier citizens. However, these reports have not been proven,
in the absence of the ship’s flight data recorder, which was lost when MacAllan and his people escaped with the Odyssey,
and disappeared into an uncharted sector of the Frontier.​

Titans are imposing mechs, created by Hammond Robotics. During matches, players can call their Titan to the battlefield with
a simple button press. The Titan can be piloted, or the AI can be given the task to follow the player or guard a specific area.
They can melee attack, sprint, use thrusters to sidestep, and wield a variety of weapons.

Titans are not indestructible: when a mech takes too much damage, it will start to fail. Pilots can initiate a self-destruct
and eject themselves high up in the air. When a Titan is destroyed, it will take a few minutes before another one can be summoned.

Currently there are three confirmed Titan models at the release of the game: The Atlas, The Ogre and The Stryder.

The Atlas is a multi-role Titan, exceeding where other models fall short. It is a state-of-the-art weapons platform, providing
a good balance between protection and mobility. Pilots can access the base Atlas from the get-go, with the other models
being unlocked later.

The Ogre is engineered to be the ultimate two-legged battle tank. It is heavily armed and armored, offering its pilot
maximum survivability at the cast of mobility. When dropping into a hotly contested zone, the Ogre will quickly
become a Pilot's best friend.

The yin to the Ogre's yang, the Stryder is a whirlwind on two legs. Fast and agile, it can outrun every other Titan
chassis on the market today. If you prefer dodging bullets to getting shot, you'll need a Stryder.

Titans can be customized via loadouts that the player will unlock during the course of the game. See section Customization
for more information.

Pilots are the player characters of Titanfall. Equipped with a truster pack, and clad in reinforced body armor that withstands
extremely long falls, they can quickly traverse the battlefield on many levels. As a pilot, the street and rooftops are your domain.
They have a myriad of weaponry at their disposal, from standard pistols, shotguns and rifles to the high-tech heavy weaponry
designed to take out enemy Titans. If all else fails, a Pilot can always attempt to board a hostile mech, taking it down by destroying
the fragile circuitry below its armor.

Pilots can be customized via loadouts that the player will unlock during the course of the game. See section Customization
for more information.

Titanfall uses the tried-and-true Experience Points (XP) progression formula. You gain XP points by killing other players,
assists, completing challenges and much more. As you grow in level, several new items become available to your Pilot.
Titanfall has a robust in-game system which tracks your progress and notifies you when new things have been unlocked.

There are 50 levels to rank up and with each level up you earn weapons, abilities and more.

*Not listed in the below table are some of the weapon mods and attachments that you will unlock.

It's like prestiging, but next gen. Warning! You will be reset to level 1, and lose all your unlocks.
Your challenges will be reset. You will, hoewever, earn XP at an accelerated rate. Your Burn Cards and unlocked
Titan models will remain untouched.

RazorUK has posted some of those challenges he found in the beta files. These may be subject to change.

Challenges range from playing 10 rounds to doing specialized kills with a Titan. You earn a set amount of XP for completing these challenges,
but also unlock loadouts, cosmetic armor and so forth.

Personal stats shows you how well, or bad, you are doing in the game.

Players start with their base equipment already unlocked, but the higher-end gear is locked until you level up.

The pilot loadout consist of a Primary Weapon (with attachment and mod*), Anti-Titan Weapon, Sidearm, Tactical Ability, Ordnance and Tier Kits.

*Both are not listed below, will update when all the details come out!

The Titan loadout consist of a Chassis (Titan type, see Titans section above), Primary Weapon (with mod*), Tactical Ability, Ordnance and Tier Kits.

*Not listed below, will update when all the details come out!

Below are some perks ('Tier kits') for Pilots and Titans that were found in the beta code. Not known is whether all of these will show up in the game, because content
gets scrapped or becomes something else after tweaking or patching. Their effect on the game remains to be seen.

Burn Cards are single-use favors that are randomly awarded to players for various reasons. Examples include winning a match, evacuating after losing a match,
destroy Titans, and more. Select one to three cards — depending on the level you have reached — in the lobby before the next match. In the Beta the Burn Cards
were first available at Level 7, an additional slot is unlocked at Level 9, and a third slot is unlocked at Level 11.

Once in game, you can select one of these cards before you respawn by pressing the appropriate button and choosing one of the available three cards.
The card will remain active until you are killed. That means if you select a card and are killed shortly after respawning, the card will be wasted.

At level 25, 30, 40, 45 and 50, you will also be rewarded with a booster pack.

Pack 1: Adrenaline Transfusion x 2, Smuggled Stimulant x 2, Prosthetic Legs, Amped EVA-8 and Amped Charge Rifle.
Pack 2: Ghost Squad x 2, Active Camo x 2, Rematch, Satellite Uplink and Personal Alarm System.
Pack 3: Map Hack x 2, Satellite Uplink x 2, Amped Mag Launcher, Amped Archer and Amped Sidewinder
Pack 4: Echo Vision x 2, Aural Implant, Packet Sniffer, Amped DMR and Personal Alarm System
Pack 5: Atlas Refurb, Reserve Ogre, Spare Stryder and Spectre Camo x 3

Titanfall is telling a story through a first person perspective in ways that are both traditional to single player campaigns and very new for multiplayer
at least for first-person shooters.

Titanfall is an attempt at a new way to tell story in a shooter game. Every level in the campaign is a multiplayer level, with a fixed objective
and twists and turns that occur as you play. Friendly characters will keep you up-to-date and AI soldiers will react to your presence and actions.
During missions, you'll be listening to mission briefings while you get your gear ready for your next battle.

You can join a Campaign lobby by yourself, or with a party. You and your party enlist in a faction, either the IMC or the Militia. Once you've beaten
the game with one side, you can go back and try the other. When you've done both, you can replay missions on both sides, choosing the one you like best.

Whether you play Campaign or one of the traditional multiplayer modes, you'll still earn XP and progress in level.

Q: But OddOne, are you telling us everything?

A: Well, this is the tricky part: it could blurt it all out and basically ruin some of the surprise, but on the other hand it might help sell the game to you.
I’ve opted to be a little vague about it, but I would say look around the maps while playing—you might see something worthwhile! Maps also contain map specific
things like turrets (which can be hacked) and ziplines (Yes, you read that correctly). I wonder if anybody is reading this, you should watch NBC’s Hannibal and
HBO’s True Detective—pretty good shows. Wait, what was I going on about again?

If you didn't expect DLC to be coming for an EA title, you need to get your head checked.

[6 months later] "Titanfall is the worst game, ever. SMH @ Treyarch!"

This section will be updated when big news hits.

Congrats to Respawn for shipping their first title as a new studio! (I still don’t believe you guys have Australians on your team).

Special thanks to Blue Ninja (Proofreading, rewriting and for not pooping on my lawn), RazorUK (For Data mining pictures and
info from the Titanfall beta) and jediyoshi (For the PC settings screenshot).

Shout-outs to HaloGAF (RIP), TV-GAF and Yoga Pants (Aka Plywood and Sai-kun).

Scrub-tier: ElzarTheBam and Gui.

I'm so on the fence with this. Maaayyybee pick it up for PC if I can get my friends to play it. None of my buddies have an Xbox One so I never really get to play it with anyone.


Excellent OT, TheOddOne!

Titanfall has the makings of a game that might fuel me purchasing Xbox One on an impulse.

Can someone comment on the decal/paintjob quality of that limited edition Titanfall controller? Any good?


I'm on the fence. I WANT to like this game, I mean...

+Holy shit MECHS
+I like the sci fi aesthetic
+A lot of modes and content


-Origin only
-Kind of looks like a CoD clone
-Ugmo hud

I'll keep my eyes on it and see what GAF says before I dive in.


nice OT. will get it on PC on launch day if the reviews turns out to be good since there is no pre order bonus


Goodness it's already time? Sorry Dark Souls, this is the game that's going to consume my weekends in March...
Very nice OP, easy to read through and it seems pretty exhaustive.


I'm so going to play it. PC version here so glad that my laptop has no problems with medium settings.
Also, I really hope that they've fixed the screen tearing.


Nice OT! :)

Why should I upgrade to another Generation? Only to earn XP faster? But then I lose all my progress and I was already at lvl 50?! Or is the level cap higher? I don't get the benefits of this concept.


Nice OT! :)

Why should I upgrade to another Generation? Only to earn XP faster? But then I lose all my progress and I was already at lvl 50?! Or is the level cap higher? I don't get the benefits of this concept.

Don't you want to be GEN 2????????????

Jesus, this isn't rocket science here.


Nice OT! :)

Why should I upgrade to another Generation? Only to earn XP faster? But then I lose all my progress and I was already at lvl 50?! Or is the level cap higher? I don't get the benefits of this concept.
You get a nice new badge!

But really, I think there is more to the concept—but I only have the leaked info to work with :(

Looks good on my end.


Great OT. Moving BF4 to some old ssd to make room for this, although I don't see how they managed to require 48 GB for a mp game (BF4 is 35 GB right now with CR and SA installed).
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