Titus lives! Titus the fox now available @ gog.com



Out of nowhere
will prob grab tomorrow if anything else on sale interests me


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
Odd that this is only appearing now considering Interplay will shortly(?) be auctioning off the publishing rights.
Titus as a dev has the turd of mediocrity instead of the seal of quality.

Though they did get Monster Max published, so they weren't all bad. just most


I actually managed to finish this once. Decent platformers were hard to come by for 286 pcs, we took what was offered..


I remember this, i played the amiga version back then (well a few years after it was released). I really liked the graphics but the game was so hard, i never finished it.


Played quite a bit of this as a kid on my Amiga, recall it being quite hard because the enemies are super quick such as the tramps that fling bottles at you at the speed of light haha. I still get the music stuck in my head from time to time.


I remember my cousin had this game that came with this joystick:

and I remember it being hard as fuck, especially with this awful contraption for controlling it.
I owned Prehistorik Man and Lamborghini American Challenge for the SNES growing up. Those games were tight. Plus they published a Rare developed game for the Game Boy called Monster Max that I heard is pretty good. I think they get more shit than they deserve because of how much of a monumental fuck up their N64 library was.


As opposed to Titus™ on FOX which ran for 3 seasons and was unceremoniously cancelled in 2002.

I'm familiar with that logo, at least. Saw it quite a few times in gaming magazines.
Played this on Amiga back in the day, nice music, very smooth scrolling... I doubt I got past the second level because I always died.
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