TLOU team originally working on a new Jak and Daxter


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And so they made a good game instead.
oooo, I wonder if it got offloaded to another studio? Nice to see there's a chance it can come back.

Pleased we got TLoU though.
Didn't they talk about this a few months ago? I believe their reasoning for not continuing was because they didn't want to make a Jak and Daxter game that didn't feel like Jak and Daxter so they decided to go with The Last of Us instead.
And so they made a good game instead.
Seems like the kind of drive by nonsense that is frowned upon?

The original Jak and Daxter was a great game. I was pretty nonplussed with the direction they went in after that but I would love a new game more in the vein of the first.
I've heard about this stories before, thinking how horrible idea they have to make it more realistic. but after seeing that concept art, it actually is not as bad as I imagined, sure that is totally not daxter and I can't imagine Daxter voice coming out of that character from concept art, but as a new reboot or new IP, I think it's a pretty cool looking design.
Yea I remember them saying after they finished Uncharted 2 they were thinking Jak 4 until they realized it would have been too dark and the models weren't right.
So this was a reboot of some kind with a more series tone, I'm glad they didn't head in that direction, this would've caused a major outcry.
it could totally work as new IP imo... I think it looks cool, sure it's not Daxter, but it could work guys, we could have had another fantasy 3d platformer again.
That concept art combined with the interview about a new J&D game being semi-realistic and grim makes me glad they've moved on. Bit of a shame, as Jak's artstyle is perfect for a current/next-gen game imo
This is old news. This is the project I was talking about in that thread a few weeks ago, the thou teamwork as trying to make it into a gritty realistic reboot and they gave up when they realized it couldn't work,
Yeah that Daxter art is making me think this not happening was a very good thing. Also TLoU is amazing, so...

But I do want more Jak. Just... not this realistic shit that they were wanting to do. Wtf.