Today in Idris Elba news: Idris Elba has a foot fetish.

Presented without comment.
While shooting the scene in question, Elba asked Winslet to “keep your socks on.” Winslet, who admits she has “very, very big feet,” was a little offended as one might expect. She assumed her costar did not want to see her feet because he didn’t like the appendage in general and was afraid hers were particularly hideous.

“It’s the opposite, ladies and gentleman,” Winslet announced. “Idris loves feet.”
Hopefully, one silly thread doesn't get me juniored.
He can come over and rub my feet any day.

Though I'd probably want to get a pedicure first, I'm been out gardening barefoot this week.
Feet are gross.

I hate everyone putting them on display all the time during summer. Bonus points for this fucking constant flip-flop noise they all make.