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Today is my birthday what game should I play to end the day?


So yeah like the title says today is my birthday and will be out majority of the day with friends and family. But wanted to know what game I should play to end the day. Consoles I own:

OG Xbox
Sega Saturn

Don't have the time to list all the games I own so just make recommendations.


Balan Wonderworld.

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That new Peppa Pig game.

Because no matter your age OP, you're forever young.

Edit: I'm serious btw.
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You are getting older OP, play with you cock while you still can.

As for games, I dunno, try Ikaruga on the Dreamcast or start Metroid Prime on the Cube.
Cockplay is so overrated. It aged badly as well. It was one of my favourite games when I was a teen, but I tried it last night and it just doesn't do it for me anymore. The controls are sluggish as hell, the main characters' animations are very stiff and the textures... oof.

I would go for some Spider-Man Remastered instead..
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Returnal. What better way to celebrate being born than dying only to have another birthday? It's like an endless cycle of (painful and traumatic) gifts!!

Plus the game is possibly the best Metroid out there.


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Happay B-day maing! Never mind us just enjoy the day and do what you want!

But I would play Soul Calibur on Dreamcast :messenger_grinning:


Happy Birthday OP, my last BD I gifted myself Xenoblade 2 and LOVED it, but it depends on your tastes and what you played already, for me I have lots of years old releases I'm still wanting to play (Bayonetta 2 and DK: TF are some I'm most wanting to play)


Happy birthday, I agree with Killatopak: Fallout 3. It will remind you that today truly is a very special day (for you).


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The new Kirby on Switch is pretty insanely joyful, maybe that if you want to end the day with jollyness.
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