Tokio Hotel ! (Real Life Animu ^_^)

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In this thread we post Tokio Hotel pics. Tokio Hotel is the hottest shit from Germany since Die Toten Hosen and Oliver Kahn.

Bill and Tom are so SEXY!


Last one (Britney Spears lookalike FTW!):

Jonnyram said:
Is their music as good as Die Toten Hosen?
Not even close. :lol :lol :lol

Bill from Tokio Hotel: "Unberührte Natur zum Beispiel! Das ist ja ekelhaft, wo alles so verwachsen ist und so. Das können wir gar nicht ab."


PS: I really hate these damn kids. :lol :lol :lol
I usually have a thing for guys in eyeliner but uhm.. I don't find any of them attractive at all. ^^; I'll see that as a good thing though. Doesn't help that they all look about 13.. and I was never one for young males..


I have a foreskin yet I do not have AIDS
one of them is confusing my sexuality maaaan I'm glad I'm not drunk right now.

*watches hetero porn to reassure self*
actually they are all 16 and the one boygirl is 17/18. they're all over the news in germany, number 1 in album charts etc, i hate them -.-
the-iek said:
tokio hotel fans:

I once saw like 200 of them waiting at a hotel.
"Is something happening here ? What are you waiting for ?"
"Well...Tokyo Hotel, of course !"
Then I waited like 2 hours with them, they didn't come. Well I saw TATU and some other guys, but that was it.
I saw this band playing on TV while I was in Germany last Christmas. Imo among the worst music i've ever heard, though I only heard one song. At that time at least I didn't see them looking QUITE so damn "Gackt" as they are now. Blöd.
Borys said:

That lead singer's almost as cute as that chick that sings in Hanson.


Seriously though... The first time I heard Hanson I thought they were a trio of African American girls. Then I saw their video and my first impression was that they were a trio of caucasian girls. Many "mmmbops" later I started to think the oldest one was a particularly ugly girl, and might even be male.

Cue the Aerosmith music for this dude though, seriously. In that picture he looks like a moderately cute AA-cup that wears too much makeup. Not my type ^_^. Of course knowing there's a penis there somewhere cements the not my type part. :lol
the-iek said:
tokio hotel fans:

i like this "whau wuha wahu omg i wanna suck your cock"-ish look
haha the one with the digital camera on the left is a frigging younger clone of her :lol and she's completly into metal music

(I'd photoshop a little mic or guitar on the spider, but I'm going back to bed. Summertime for the win!

Last year near the Texas State campus I saw some joker all in black--baggy pants, shirt, robe or trench coat, and it was the dead of summer. Hot. Very hot. I said to myself and then to my friends: "I know why all the goth kids are unhappy. It's summertime, they're wearing black, and it's freaking hot. That's why they look so sad and upset."
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