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Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online (09/24/20 - 09/27/20)

Maybe. I haven't played any of his games since Siren though. Is he even still with the same team?

EDIT: I had NO idea he made the Gravity Rush games. I've never played them, but now I think I have to.
Gravity Rush still exudes some of those dark undertones with its worldbuilding and lore.


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For LOVE OF GOD.......please, PLEASE not be Square Store exclusive.
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Well looks like my nier automata black box set will get a nice companion with the white snow set! Already preordered it now in Japan. Thank goodness square enix put up preorders now.


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Mobile game looks nice. Like the turn based gameplay from what I saw

Wtf is gacha
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I always forget that the jap version had a brother/sister instead of father/daughter relationship. Shame it's not a ps5 remake like demon's soul that would have been neat.


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As much as I love Nier Automata, it pisses me off to no end that SE/Platinum STILL hasn't even attempted to fix the PC version...
I was feeling bad about grabbing it on the PS4.
I wanted the pc ver. for 60fps gameplay.
Didn't know PC had problems until today.

*Hugging* my PS4 copy.


FFVIIR hasn't gotten a single patch in 5 months, i don't know what's going on at SE Japan studios.

It's too early. Assuming that the wait for FF7Remake Episode 2 is a long road, maybe they'll be something for it later down the line (patches, DLCs and whatnot)
Maybe once the timed exclusivity is up.


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How shitty it is? Wasn't there a patch from some dude fixing a lot of the issues?
Actually is more of a "PC players issues" as of now. How the FPS is crappy due to some poor optimizations (although ps4 version suffers from similar problems), or issues with setting resolutions higher than 900p which is the native version. Pretty much all fixed by the FAR mod but its still a shame you need a third party program for that.
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