Tokyo Jungle and Chaos Rings (land-mine alert) coming to PS Mobile


Gives all the fucks
Hmm, might try that if it comes over. Though I guess since it's Mobile, no trophies. *shrugs*

But damn, Tokyo Jungle portable. This I want.
Would love some portable Tokyo Jungle.

Shame Sony hasn't released PSM in my country and has shown little signs of expanding it any future. Its the PSN video store all over again.
There is no way it is the full Tokyo Jungle it would run like shit.
It's SCE, so they probably have access to a PSM build that is way more optimised than the existing platform? Could be the start of the next phase :O
It does seem like the graphics have changed a bit though... top-down view?
I'm a little sad they'll be regulated to mobile and not actually PSN titles. But regardless is put money down again if they release all 3 chaos ring games.
I'm confused by this... It says optimized for Vita. I'm guessing that means playable on Vita, right? Not all PSM games are on Vita, or am I mistaken?
Was the story in Chaos RIngs any good? I played a bit on my itouch back in the day, and if the story is fun then I could totally see myself piking up the Vita version.