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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction - PS5 4K 60 FPS Gameplay


Hey guys, Happy New Year. It's been a while since I posted anything here. Starting with this one this year. Here's some info about the game.

- PS5 version Installation size is 46.49 GB
- The game has two modes, Resolution & Performance
- PR mentioned that the Resolution mode was 4K 60FPS, but to me it looks dynamic.
- Performance is where we have no info lol. No word on the resolution and performance there.
- The game has no in game HDR which is surprising because most recent Ubisoft titles have them at launch. I am using the PS5 HDR settings for personal use.
- Game can be played in Solo & Coop. You can't do the endgame assignments and Maelstrom protocol stuff in solo. Need all 3 player team.
- The game is basically one mode stretched out on multiple maps. Incursion.
- you drop in, do one objective per zone, and extract after 3 zones. Doing all 3 objectives net you a lot of experience, and extracting successfully gives you a 90% boost to earned experience.
- Loading into maps takes a while. After choosing the map, it can take up to half a minute to a minute to load in even with the operator choosing loadout.
- The game has 50 primary weapons, 21 secondary weapons, 14 explosives, and 8 tech equipment.
- You can use 18 different operators with different weapon loadouts and abilities. They have two basic stats. Speed and Armor. Those differ between operators
- Operators can level up to level 10, at which point they can't lose XP
- Yea you heard it right, if an operator dies in the field, they get taken hostage. If you fail to save them, they lose some of their xp and can be demoted in level.
- Same goes for your banked xp. You can lose your overall character level progression if you fail to save that operator.
- One time i lost a level 9 operator on the hardest difficulty and lost 2 whole levels of my own levels.
- 4 difficulties. Level 4 difficulty has tons of enemy spawns, but give 200% more xp
- each map has infinite enemy spawns by the way of these small red blobs that are called nest. If they are alerted, they will spawn enemies endlessly. Better take them out. As there will be close to 5 to 15 of these depending on difficulty
- Enemies can be easily taken out with paralysis grenades because you can insta take down with melee if they are stunned. Problem is this grenade, imo the best one is at level 20 plus, so good luck farming there.
- I am not allowed to post my own impressions till tomorrow, but Solo is much easier and balanced compared to coop. COOP is super unbalanced as they spawn 50% more enemies for each player.
- 3 boss type enemies. Random chance to spawn in missions but can be fought for sure if you get the Gateway objective in these maps.
- Game basically has no story imo. Just random cutscenes. No ending really as well. Just go from one map to another till you unlock endgame content and the game is done.

I got plenty more to say, but I am suffering from covid 19 (Tested positive last week), so I'll update the thread with my impressions tomorrow. Cheers

PS5 4K Gameplay (Resolution Mode):



This game makes me so happy I finally got an Xbox X for xmas otherwise I'd have wasted money buying this trash on ps5. Not even worth installing on gamepass.
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