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Tom Hardy plays Gangster boss Al Capone in “Capone” - 2020

Hardy is a terrible actor, what is everybody smoking?


Karma Jawa

Known about this for a couple of years. Originally called ‘Fonzo despite it never being a nickname of his.

I’d imagine there will be flashbacks to his earlier mobster life, as well as Alcatraz.

Fascinating guy. An international celebrity of sorts at his peak. The public and press only really turned against him after the St Valentine’s Day Massacre, largely due to the graphic photo of the crime scene. Incredible to think that he was pretty young when he took over the outfit.

In his last few years he was living off scraps from the mob (albeit whilst living in his Florida mansion) and losing his mind. Plenty of stories about how he would have waking nightmares about his past decisions.

Not sure if Tom Hardy is the right guy for the role, but it could be pretty interesting.


Really what is there left to say about Al Capone to make a movie about? It's like world war 2, it's all been gone over thousands of times now, it's done.
Love Tom Hardy, but this looks like trash.

Bronson and Locke are both virtuoso performances, but in very different ways. Locke is fantastically understated.

Bronson... at the credits I saw THs name and was like wtf...

I kinda knew of the guy from his work in Rock'n'Rolla and Inception. Didnt realize it was the same guy till I saw his name in the credits. Left me gobsmacked.

Looked up all I could find of his movies and watched Stuart A Life Backwards and Warrior, then Locke.

Bronson completely changed my view on movies, acting and got me off my ass and into the gym. Summer cinema blockbusters were no longer good enough.

Fecker needs to make season 2 of Taboo.

My lawyer did tell me to copyright it....

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For what it’s worth, it’s sitting at 52 for critics RT score

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