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Tony Hawk`s Pro Skater 5 won`t even run without the "patch".


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I took this from the other thread, but this sort of garbage move deserves every backlash it can get. It`s like a new DRM to prevent people who buy the physical disc to experience how bad the game is before release, and this game is obviously very bad. The "patch" is bigger than the "game" that is shipped on the disc.

Edit: I haven't tried it myself. It would be cool if someone else tested it.



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Whelp, although my interest is low, I had at least considered it out of curiosity. No way in hell will I purchase a game that doesn't run off the disc, however.

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Guess if we won't willingly go all digital we'll either be forced into it or forced out of gaming altogether. Really hope this kind of thing doesn't catch on with other titles.


That's one way to ship a game...

You have to wonder what that studio environment must have been like for the last few months for the game to be what is it is today.
Normally I would say vote with your wallet but I'll put good money on the fact that the game sells well enough that Activision won't get any message about putting out incomplete SP games and relying on patches to finish it up.


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What struck me odd was how the base game was only about 4 gigabytes. I'm pretty sure 360 games at LAUNCH were that same size.


This hasn't been done on consoles before. Games have had bugs, but they were shipped complete.

I hope the people who wanted convenience so bad that it lured them to give up everything they did find that convenience was worth this being the future.

Because it wont stop here.

This generation.... Chose poorly.
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