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Top 10 ps5 games for someone coming from PS4 pro


PS4 pro owner here.
I think it's time for me to dive into the newest gen with a ps5.

The current slate of new games looks like the library is worth it (for me).

So I'd like some advise on the current top 10 games on ps5. Condition : should offer something over a PS4 pro version. AAA to Indy.

Here are a few games I enjoyed on my PS4 pro :
Horizon zero dawn
Dead cells
The last guardian
Shadow of the colossus
The last of us remastered
Life is strange
Until dawn
Titanfall 2
Nier automata
Devil may cry 5

Games I enjoyed but less :
Uncharted 4
Detroit becoming human

Note that is skipped entirely the late released on PS4 such as the last of us 2 or GOT to play them on ps5.

Boss Mog

Go for Horizon Forbidden West if you liked the first one this new one is 1000% better. Probably the best open world game I've ever played.

SInce you don't have it in your list of PS4 games you played I also strongly recommend Ghost of Tsushima PS5 version.

Other good games include: FF7R Intergrade, Tales of Arise, Ratchet & Clank, Hitman 3, Hades
The last guardian, from your list.

Infamous second son, killzone shadow fall, destroy all humans, crash bandicoot 4 (need to free download ps5 version), sonic team racing, nex machina to name just a few that i’ve appreciated.

Check out this thread for your reference of ps5 enhancements : link

And I can’t wait for resident evil 2, 3 and 7 next gen patches :)

Edit : can’t believe I forgot about ratchet and clank 2016, because going from 30 to 60 on that game is really nice.
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You'd probably enjoy these:
Jedi: Fallen order, it has a good story, and souls combat, favourite star wars game since Kotor. Enhanced with 60 fps.
Hades, since you like dead cells. Is 4k 60 fps on ps5, hand drawn art is beautiful.

Metro exodus is similar to the last of us, a survival FPS, it's worth noting it's the third game in the series.
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Thanks all. So I recap your recommandations :
- Ghost of Tsushima director's cut
- Hades
- Horizon forbidden west
- demon's soul
- returnal
- elden ring
- jedi fallen order
- hitman 3

I skipped
- R&C because I really hated R&C 2016 ( loved a CIT...)
- resident evil village et metro because I generally avoid FPS (even if Titanfall 2 was fantastic imho)

Hmm a strong library to start with. I like it. Maybe too many difficult games (elden ring, demon's soul, returnal...)


It’s Elden Ring + GT7 for me. Im gonna be playing both for five fuckin years is what it feels like.

I’d also recommend The Riftbreaker for anyone looking for a little hidden gem.
None of the ones you listed are actually PS5 games. They are PS4 games running on PS5 via backwards compatibility.
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I’m still looking to get a PS5, but have not been successful getting one yet. Until then, my PS4 Slim still looks decent and is still whisper quiet. Someday I’ll find one.


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Make sure you grab Ghostrunner in PS+ this month. If you like the Titanfall 2 fastpaced gameplay you'll probably like the controls in Ghostrunner.


Jedi fallen order is awesome. Can’t speak to most of the other games on the list, but it’s the best Star Wars game I ever played.
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