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Top 20 Franchises That Deserve Another Chance



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But I remember these games from my childhood.

The PS3 one came out like 10 years ago lmao.
It is fine if the company making them still have the talent that made said games. But all these corps are just cashing in on nostalgia for the most part. WHERE IS PRIME 4 NINTENDO?



... so long as it has as much character and style as Amped 3

Snowboard Kids

... it was essentially the snowboarding version of Mario Kart


Some pretty awesome games listed here.

Here goes is my contribution:

Silent Hill
Soul Reaver
Final Fantasy Tactics
Gravity Rush
Hot Shots Tennis
Parasite Eve
Tactics Ogre
Jeanne D'Arc
Vagrant Story
Soul Sacrifice
Twisted Metal
Valkyrie Profile
Dead Space
Dark Cloud
Resistance please. Resistance 3 had the best fps campaign I ever played ❤💯
I have no interest in the series before this game but every video on the series I watched shills it for its different direction and it sounds so fucking good.

I just want Dino Crisis to return. I think the mechanics for RE6 would suit the series better than what RE6 did sliding under T-Rex legs, doing backflips and shit.


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- Midwinter

A man of culture I see.

I’ll have Mercenary please. Mercenary 2: Damocles was one of the all time greats. Sadly Paul Woakes is no longer with us so that dream is gone forever.
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Mirror's Edge needs another instalment. The setting is just so ripe for further stories to be told, especially today, where people have become disenchanted with the Police. I'd love to see more from Faith and the runners.


I am not against revival of old franchise but I think it's not a bad thing to let awesome old titles alone with their glory rather than doing "sequels" that bring some shadow to the franchise.

For example I love Chrono Trigger and I don't really want a modern sequel/spin off because I can't see it being as good as the original.

Still have to play Chrono Cross. And on that topic, I am all for re-releasing old titles on modern system.
Cross was never released in Europe so to play I should either buy an old US PS1 and the game or create an US PSN account to get it on PS3, or rely on emulators (so "illegal").

Just bring back old franchises on modern system or "official" emulator.
Dino Crisis
Eternal Darkness
Syphon Filter
Soul Reaver
Bloody Roar
Mario & Luigi
Pokémon gamecube spinoff series
Viewtiful Joe
Perfect Dark
Fight Night
Def Jam
Largo Winch (anyone played the gamecube era one?)

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Command & Conquer
And I'll take Soldier of Fortune from that list. Raven games were great.
Command & Conquer for sure. And it's likely that something might happen with that franchise because the C&C remastered collection has been received fairly well (rightfully so!) and sold well, I think.
Also: I'd love if Ultima would get a real shot. If EA hadn't mismanaged that franchise (and the developer, origin systems) so fucking badly, Ultima could've easily been EA's prime open-world RPG series. Still a mystery to me why BioWare never worked on an Ultima game in all their time being an EA studio. Instead we got the Dragon Age universe, which is just boring in comparison to the Ultima stuff, IMHO.


Some franchises lay dormant for too long. These are the games that seemingly have nothing in the works, no plans, no hope. But some franchises are too good to lay rotting under the sun and deserve another chance, and these are the ones I hope to see in the coming generation.

Franchises that are confirmed to have games in development but are not yet officially announced (that's why they aren't on the list)
- Bioshock
- Brothers in Arms
- Knights of the Old Republic
- Mass Effect
- Ninja Gaiden (not yet announced, but too many solid rumors for too long to not be in development)
- Pikmin
- Silent Hill (not yet announced, but too many solid rumors for too long to not be in development)
- Splinter Cell
- TimeSplitters

Honorable Mentions
- 1080 Snowboarding
- ActRaiser
- Advance Wars
- Burnout
- Demon Crest/ Gargoyle's Crest
- Fight Night
- Goemon Mystical Ninja
- Golden Sun
- Gradius
- Jak and Dexter
- Legacy of Kain
- Mother
- Motorstorm
- Ogre Tactics
- Okami
- Perfect Dark
- Populous
- Resistance
- The Godfather
- Thief
- Turok
- Turrican
- Unreal Tournament
- Viewtiful Joe
- Virtua Fighter
- Viva Pinata

20. Prototype - Last seen in 2012.
The evil twin to the Infamous franchise, and the spiritual successor to the excellent Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Prototype 2 sold so bad that the developer was scaled down and the whole franchise apparently put on ice. With the current superhero craze, it might be time to reawaken this franchise.

19. Soldier of Fortune - Last seen in 2008.
A brutal shooter that got a lot of buzz with its first game, but eventually, the third game destroyed the franchise, and an utter disaster of a Korean MMO-ish spin-off buried it. A modern version feels like it got a lot of potentials.

18. Wave Race - Last seen in 2001.
Featuring the best water effects of its generation and being one of the most unique racers in gaming, the N64 version left an impression on many and was widely loved. The Gamecube follow up was alright. Then we never heard so much as a whisper from Wave Race. Likely, it's deemed too much of a niche game to invest in.

17. Prince of Persia - Last seen in 2010.
There was a mobile game in 2018. But that doesn't count. After the excellent trilogy ended in 2005, Ubisoft tried a few different approaches, the more open-ended cartoon looking approach of the 2008 game "Prince of Persia", and The Forgotten Sands in 2010. Both lagged a bit in sales and Assassin Creed seems to have taken priority from thereon.

16. Rise of Nations - Last seen in 2006.
Considered by many to be the greatest Age of Empires style game around (better than age of empires itself), Rise of Nations left a mark on any RTS fan during the early 2000s. After completing the spin-off Rise of Legends the developers went under after their new massive project "Kingdoms of Amalur" failed. However, recently the studio has been brought back to life, and whispers of a potential new Rise of Nations are starting to be mentioned in the dark corners of the internet once again. Even though they seem to be focused on their new game Arcane Showdown.

15. F-Zero - Last seen in 2004.
The recent tweet and rumors turned out to be fake, there is apparently no new F-Zero coming. One of the best racing franchises around doesn't seem to sell enough for Nintendo to warrant a new game. To the anger and frustration of fans everywhere.

14. Twisted Metal - Last seen in 2012.
While the 2012 entry was fine, it was really the Twisted Metals on the original Playstation and Playstation 2 that made a dent. It seems to be a hard game to nail, and the latest iteration didn't hit the sweet spot it needed to get the critical and commercial success it had to to keep the series alive.

13. Castlevania - Last seen in 2014.
I won't even mention the iOS game. Konami has struggled to know what to do with Castlevania in recent years. They made the Lords of Shadow games, but they never reached the sales needed to justify the budget. The 2D Castlevanias also deserves so much better considering how popular 2D action-adventure games are these days. There are some rumors that a new Castlevania reboot that is inspired by Bloodborne is under development, but this is not confirmed yet.

12. Conker - Last seen in 2001.
Bad Fur Day, likely the funniest game ever made gained critical acclaim but failed performance-wise as it came out when the Nintendo 64's life was over, and the GBA game never took off. No one seemed to know how to make another Conker game, and the classic Rare team was taken apart once Microsoft bought them, leaving Conker as a franchise that vanished before it got off the ground.

11. SSX - Last seen in 2012.
While there are some rumors of an SSX: Tricky remaster, the crime of SSX is how they abandoned SSX 3's open-world structure. SSX 3 was perhaps too ambitious of its time, for the next 2 entries went back to a more classic formula, and for some reason, they never went back to this franchise after 2012's SSX. I assume the time of snowboarding and skater games was deemed over by most companies.

10. Final Fantasy Tactics - Last seen in 2007.
I'll look away from the mobile efforts. Tactics was always a fan favorite strategy gem but dwarfed by it's bigger RPG brother, still, it's a bit puzzling that we haven't seen another tactics game considering they sold okay and was very well received.

9. F.E.A.R. - Last seen in 2011.
While F.E.A.R. 1 is considered innovative and the sequel a great continuation, the third installment lagged behind both commercially and critically and has put the whole franchise on hold. But any who played the first 2 knows the massive potential lurking in the F.E.A.R. franchise.

8. Dino Crisis - Last seen in 2003.
Unfortunately, Dino Crisis 4 was canceled a few years ago. Still, it's hard to ignore what a new Dino Crisis could be. With awesome looking dinosaurs and better modern controls, it could be something great. Dino Crisis 3 crashed and burned the entire franchise and it still hasn't recovered.

7. No One Lives Forever (nolf) - Last seen in 2002.
One of the coolest and most interesting shooters out there, the James Bond-like spy shooter was highly praised but has been dragged into a hellhole of legal issues, to the point where no one seems to know who owns what. With it's awesome 1960's premise and light-hearted nature, it feels like a game that should have been a long-lasting popular series.

6. Dead Space - Last seen in 2013.
Dead Space feels like it would only need small adjustments to function as a current-gen game, as the gameplay is not very dated. Dead Space came out in 2008 and Dead Space 2 followed pace 3 years later until Dead Space 3 apparently killed the entire franchise in 2013 and the developers, Visceral Games, were closed shortly after. Dead Space 1 wasn't a massive seller, and even though Dead Space 2 sold over 4 million copies, EA deemed it a sales disappointment. Dead Space 3 however, sold so bad that EA banished the entire series into the nether, and for a whole generation we have seen nothing of the once great horror shooter.

5. Chrono Trigger/Cross - Last seen in 1999.
Developed by the "dream team", many consider Chrono Trigger to be the premier RPG in existence, but ultimately it's a series that didn't sell enough compared to Final Fantasy and was left behind. Chrono Break (the third game) was halted and it seems this series will never again see the light of day.

4. Dungeon Keeper - Last seen in 2000.
It's been 23 years since the original Dungeon Keeper. Bullfrogs masterpiece is not that often brought up these days, but anyone who was into strategy games in the late 90s will remember the creative Dungeon Keeper. Dungeon Keeper 3 was one of the most disappointing game cancelations in history, and while some games like "Dungeons" and "War for the Overworld" have tried to copy the game, it's not even close to what once was.

3. WarCraft RTS - Last seen in 2002.
Blizzard around the 2000s was the most impressive PC developer in history, in 5 years, they released WarCraft 2, Diablo, StarCraft, Diablo 2 and WarCraft 3. Two years after that they released World of WarCraft. WarCraft defined them, but World of WarCraft and Diablo III sold so well that WarCraft 4 was pushed back further and further, and now, with Diablo 4 on the horizon, it seems it's been pushed back even further. WarCraft 3 came out 18 years ago, it's a crime against humanity than the fourth is not out yet.

2. Banjo-Kazooie - Last seen in 2008.
The only 3D platformer that can stand up to Mario, has for some ridicules reason only seen a spin-off where you design vehicles and 2 GBA games. How Banjo-Kazooie 3 is still not developed is hard to fathom..

1. Black & White - Last seen in 2005.
Lionhead's excellent god game is unique, creative, funny, and feels like it's bursting with potential. There have been several kickstarters trying to make a third game out of sheer desperation (all of them looking bad to be generous). You can't simply put a random developer on it either, it's a difficult game to make. Like Perfect Dark suited Rare's unique skills in the late 90s, Black & White suited Lionhead's unique qualities. It seems that it's a series that's gone forever, as no publisher will believe Black & White 3 could sell enough to warrant a significant budget.
I dont see :
Driveclub, Motorstorm, Wipeout


Id love to have another Silent Hill game. I don’t treat that as confirmed until it is official. Ideally the rumours are true and it is outsourced to Sony and original team Silent members. I never pre-order but I would for this. I’ve enjoyed every single Silent Hill game that I have played. It would really sweeten my anticipation for the upcoming new gen.

Another game I want back is Project Gotham Racing. This is how it is, I have not owned an Xbox since Microsoft canned this series.

Id also love to have Driveclub back for the new gen. It’s practically the closest game to PGR, and it’s also canned. WTF 😡

And lastly, more niche, but nothing would hype me like a new Capcom vs Snk game. The 2nd game is absolutely the game I have played for the longest time. 10+ years before I slowed down and eventually stopped. I’d love a game like this to get the Guilty Gear treatment as far as presentation goes. It would have to stay faithful to the styles of game systems it includes, and I would hope for no SF4 system. Even just the same 6 grooves from the 2nd version would be more than enough. It’s a pipe dream.


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Sin and Punishment! Both the n64 one and his sequel for the Wii were really awesome games.

How about a third one for the Switch? A man can dream I guess.


  • The Last Blade
  • Socom
  • NBA Jam
  • Capcom vs. SNK (Get rockin', baby)
  • Syphon Filter
  • Splinter Cell (A proper return to platforms)
  • Intelligent Cube
  • Def Jam Fight for New York
  • Wrestle Kingdom


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A new Unreal Championship in the spirit of UC2 would be nice. It blended shooting, traversal, and melee back in 2005 and would fit in perfectly with modern arena f2p moba hero shooter genre.


Great thread. Threads like this bring us together lol
I think we had alot of great revivals this gen, from Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil 2, Shen Mue, Mana series.

You picked most the best ones. Pikmin, Time splitters, Metal Gear Solid Star Wars KOTOR, Splinter cell, Grandia, Black and white. Thief, Suikoden, Prince of Persia etc And the rest

Some more I want revived

Jet Set Radio
Virtua Fighter
Fighting Vipers
Bushido Blade
Guardian Heroes
Shining Force
Dragon Force series
Capcom vs Snk / Marvel
Street fighter Alpha series

No lives forever

Armed and Dangerous
Ninja gaiden

WWf No mercy style games
Jet force Gemini
Hybrid Heaven

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I don't think any of those games that you say are in development are in development bro
They have all been confirmed by the publisher or developer. Usually just a "yes, we are working on that" statement, so it might just be in the planning phase for all I know, but there are confirmations on all those games if you google a bit.


1. Splinter Cell
2. Ninja Gaiden
4. Twisted Metal
5. MechAssault

6. Hawken
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I'd love to see returns to Klonoa, MDK, and Banjo-Kazooie.

Also yeah, Breath of Fire is REALLY needing some love. Dragon Quarter was ahead of its time. We need more like this, Capcom.


My favorite series on the ps2, so much potential. A third game was teased (even an early build was shown or leaked). I would very much love for it to make a comeback. The action platformers of the ps2 era are sorely lacking these days. Platforming in action games these days are a joke, there is barely any risk.
Prince of persia comeback would be welcomed but with how Ubisoft games are these days with everything open world and bloated content i would be really worried.


They have all been confirmed by the publisher or developer. Usually just a "yes, we are working on that" statement, so it might just be in the planning phase for all I know, but there are confirmations on all those games if you google a bit.
If you say so, but don't hold your breath for another fuckin Timesplitters game.


If you say so, but don't hold your breath for another fuckin Timesplitters game.
It's gonna take a long time before we see anything from it, but TimeSplitters 4 started development last year with Steve Ellis at the helm.

"Last year THQ Nordic acquired the rights to the TimeSplitters IP. In a recent press release, THQ Nordic revealed that the company has hired Steve Ellis, one of the original series' creators, "to help plot the future course for this franchise". In other words, TimeSplitters is definitely making a comeback."

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Next Gen Chrono Trigger would difficult to pull off, but well worth it if they did.

Also The Matrix needs to come out with a game alongside the new movie. It needs to be made by Rocksteady.
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I'd love to see someone make another Dante's Inferno. I know it was a God Of War ripoff, but it was fun to play and the setting was interesting.



Thats a good list!

For me i'd like a new Dune or Command & Conquer, pls... no mobile games...

Unreal Tournament - with Invasion and mods for console

Armored Core - With a big focus on PvP and Customization

Zone of Enders - I better be gushing over those particle effects

Jet Set Radio Future - With physics and guns that can alter your path e.g. shooting a shotgun at the floor will give you lift while jumping (im prepared for the backlash of this suggestion) - but 100% keep it cellshaded!


Dead Space definitely deserves another chance, whether as a remake or a new story. Just look at the success of Resident Evil 2 & 3 and how much people loved Dead Space 1 & 2. Just make it singleplayer and ditch any ideas of implementing microtransactions.
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