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Top 3 revitalized franchises.


Jan 8, 2021
Sometimes we have our favorite franchises destroyed by our favorite developers, but some of them comeback like the Undertaker. what's your top 3 franchises revitalized with a breath of fresh air?

My top 3 is:

1. Resident Evil: After Resident evil 6 the franchises was literally a meme, after years of amazing puzzles and level design they gave us RE6, while not a bad game, it's a terrible Resident Evil Game and killed any hype for anything Resident Evil, add to that the terrible movies by Hollywood. Thankfully they rescued the franchise with 7 and 8. Scary, Smart, Creative and Fresh. (Thanks to Amnesia and Outlast btw)

2. The Legend of Zelda: The franchise was never dead, it was dying and the fan base was shrinking because of games like phantom hourglass, spirit tracks and skyward sword. While not bad games, Zelda fans were getting tired of pointless gimmicks like touch screen and forced motion controls. Thankfully they gave us what we always wanted, Open world Zelda not only revitalized the franchise, but now it's selling more than Super Mario.

3. I'm saving this spot for Ninja Gaiden: I have hope.


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Sep 24, 2020
God of War. After GoW: Ascension and a long five year hiatus, Sony Santa Monica revamped the series and gave us some fresh while also familiar. God of War was easily my favorite game of 2018. Visuals, gameplay, narrative, etc were excellent.

Tomb Raider. Her recent two adventures helped revive a declining franchise.

Assassin's Creed Origins. Prior to this release the last good Assassin's Creed game was Black Flag.


Jun 28, 2013
God Of War

God Of War did what was previously believed impossible: it humanized Kratos and made him enjoyable to be around. For a franchise that was previously so one-note, the latest GOW reinvented itself entirely for the better.

DOOM was a lost franchise until 2016. And the formula it employed to revive itself was incredible, incentivizing manic aggression and punishing passivity. I still quite enjoy how DOOM Eternal plays, albeit I have issues with its setting and some of its approaches to enemy/encounter design (*cough* Marauder *cough*), so the OG reboot gets my vote.

Willing to go out on a limb for FFVII:R despite my own issues with it (level design especially). Reason being? Everything else was so well realized and handled with care, which is a feat given how terrible S-E has been since FFX (arguably). Plus it was the first flash of GOTY potential from a company who hadn't showed it for a very long while.
May 28, 2013
Ninja Gaiden has been revitalized? When?

1. Monster Hunter. Big return to consoles, now it's bigger than ever.
2. God of War. It was always popular, it was always critically acclaimed. But the reboot put it on another level.
3. Spider-Man. PlayStation 4 Spider-Man did what the Arkham series did for Batman. No need to expand on this. It's huge now.


Jul 31, 2021
I actually really loved Phantom Hourglass. Very underrated.

Huge shoutout to DKC. Returns and Tropical Freeze were both incredible, even though it's sadly been 7 years since we got a new entry. Also, NSMB with 2D Mario. You could argue the series became oversaturated for sure, but the first one on DS was a spectacular return to form (although Wii is my personal favorite). And finally, Super Mario Odyssey was a fantastic return to the sandbox style 3D Mario that we hadn't seen in 15 years.

I also love the "modern" Ninja Gaiden games. Sonic Generations and Mania are also pretty rad, as are Mega Man 9-11. And I did quite enjoy the PS3 Sly Cooper game.


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Jun 9, 2006
Prosper, Tx
Oh this is a hard one, because I think all of the ones you listed OP are wrong (I still hate modern RE, and Zelda didn’t need it, and NG is the biggest reach ever.)

My list:

1. FF7r - as another poster said, and I’ll add too, this game brought FF (single player) back on the map. Now FF7r2 is my most anticipated game, ff16 is something I’m looking forward to, and I have new confidence in the square A team to make a good game.

2. Gran Turismo 7 - it’s not out yet, but just seeing the return to a 1-3ish campaign setting already has everyone clamoring to buy this. It’ll get me right back into GT after not giving a damn about the series for years.

3. Dues Ex - well it WAS back…. Then Square killed it for their horrible Marvel money.
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Dec 27, 2018
I'm hoping Dead Space Remake results in a Dead Space 2 Remake and especially a Dead Space 3 Remake (in the same vein as DS1 and DS2).

Also hoping Devil May Cry V results in more games. Haven't played DMC V yet, but it sounds like level design was a bit lacking, so hopefully if there are more games they fix that.

Lastly hoping that DBZ Kakarot results in more action adventure type games akin to Legacy of Goku and less so the 3D fighting games
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Jul 4, 2020
Deus Ex
Age of Empires 2/Expansion (because the OG games are good, not because the revitalization is particularly important to me)
Half Life (Black Mesa) (this last one took a while to think of)
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Nov 6, 2019
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Doom - a complete transformation, yet still has the same feel and spirit

God of War - while I really enjoyed GoW 3, the formula had grown a little stale. The sequel was unexpected. The devs were able to recreate their baby in a new light that is just as fun and entertaining as the originals for entirely different reasons

Animal Crossing - after the Game Cube version the series went through a litany of lackluster (IMO) handheld and mobile schlock. It's triumphant return to a proper console brought massive improvements in every way, and Nintendo has shown it a remarkable amount of free ongoing support
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Oct 20, 2013
God of War. After GoW: Ascension and a long five year hiatus, Sony Santa Monica revamped the series and gave us some fresh while also familiar. God of War was easily my favorite game of 2018. Visuals, gameplay, narrative, etc were excellent.

Tomb Raider. Her recent two adventures helped revive a declining franchise.

Assassin's Creed Origins. Prior to this release the last good Assassin's Creed game was Black Flag.
Really great list, Tomb raider was the first thing I thoughts of. The franchise had become AA shovel ware for a bit before the reboot
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Cutty Flam

Dec 3, 2019
1. The Legend of Zelda
-Thanks to BOTW there is much to be excited about for upcoming games
-Epic feel of TLoZ has been restored
-Expansive exploration has been re-introduced

2. Mario Party
-Mario Party Superstars will bring back the greatness that started it all and lead to so many fun times with friends and family

3. Resident Evil
-The series was fine even if it stayed the same as the first three Resident Evil games but Resident Evil 4 is the highly acclaimed masterpiece that everyone knows and loves and almost has to respect because it brought worldwide attention to the series
Jan 29, 2019
TBH I never like really enjoyed a Zelda game after Zelda 1&2. I enjoyed BotW. The change was good for me at least.
I was a giant fan of Zelda II back in the NES days, I can't count the times I finished it as a kid (maybe not that many, but I remember doing it a lot).

Somehow I never finished Zelda on SNES, nor on the n64 (water temple)... The time thing annoyed me too much in OOT, the cell shading on the GameCube, then the escort mission in twilight princess... I gave up after twilight princess, can't say that Nintendo did not sell many systems and games on nostalgia alone to me.

Yes, I got all their systems from the NES to the Wii, then I gave up.


Nov 22, 2018
Final Fantasy series. After 13 the trilogy,14 1.0 and 15, people were down on the series (I enjoyed the 13 games and 15 myself).Now with ff 14 flourisihing, ff7 remakes and ff16 looking amazing, the series looks to be back.

Tales series. Arise is the fastest selling and also the highest rated game in the series. Glad to see the tales games get some love.

Resident evil. After 5 & 6 even after 7, some people were kinda over the games. But with 8 it seems the series is back to its A game.


Jun 17, 2006
Also need to echo Resident Evil. Been my favourite series since 97 and thought it to be dead after 6. Then they beought it back big time with 7 and it has been great again ever since.
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