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TopWare Interactive adds microtransactions to Two Worlds II after 6 years


I think this nasty practice by TopWare deserves its own thread. Original story here:

Two Worlds II is an RPG game from 2010 and the latest expansion called Call of the Tenebrae was released yesterday (more than 6 years later after the main game!) and it brought some "interesting" new features. First of all, it added microtransactions and they all affect the gameplay quite severely. Some examples here:


Basically you can now buy gold, weapon upgrades, skill books, you name it. But that's not the most interesting part. The new patch also blocked all console commands, because some of them could be used as cheats. What's worse is that some of these commands were used to spawn items in case of a bug (like the horse getting lost) and if you've played the game you should know how buggy it is.

Hopefully someone will read this and reconsider a purchase. TopWare has always been a pretty bad publisher (remember the Raven's Cry drama?), but this is a new low for them.


This is that game that also weirdly is getting DLC and a sequel that just got announced after years and years of radio silence despite poor sales and reception


Adding microtransactions is bad enough, but the fact that they actually went back in and disabled console commands is insanity.
That's deplorable.

Who the hell is even going to pay for stuff in a game that was released 6 years ago?

A real shame because Two Worlds 2 is actually a fairly decent RPG.


I challenge them to see 10 people actually buy MT's in TW2.

Then again whales prove time and time again it doesn't matter what the game is, it's about hooking one or two with so much money it's zero care for them to drop a couple hundred $. Then scale that up from one/two whales to hundreds. You need a MT store to chase these people, no one can drop hundreds of $ on your 60$ game without one. Unless you are Ubisoft and have a 800$+ CE for your game. Ubi, of course, will have MTs as well anyway. How can they resist when there will have been whales successfully spending 700$+ in one game?

It's still both a) mental for a game like this to patch in MT's now and b) sad that they are going back and restricting access to console commands. Chuck yet another MT store™ into your new game, don't go back and patch it into an old game. That is sketchy as fuck.


This is that game that also weirdly is getting DLC and a sequel that just got announced after years and years of radio silence despite poor sales and reception

Two Worlds II was actually very successful. 76 on Metacritic and one or two million copies sold, for such a title is a grand result.

It's Raven's Cry that was a total wreck.


Weird. Is there a huge fanbase for a 6 year old game like this? Who are these microtransactions targeted to?


I actually really liked Two Worlds 2 and was planning on picking up this new expansion if/when I replay it. Might have to reconsider that

Cannot for the life of me think why anyone would buy any of these microtransactions, it's a really weird move
what a douche bag move to do. I played this game before, didn't really like it. I doubt anyone is even really playing this game at this point in time and if they are they'll probably drop it after like 2 hours TOPS.
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