Torment: Tides of Numenera Gameplay Trailer

Jun 7, 2004
Oh god, I hope this is good.

They're definitely on track with the weird stuff! FOR EXAMPLE, this is George Zeits' description of a proposed area:

Deep in the guts of the Bloom is a jumble of fleshy veins and cavities, known to natives as the Gullet. It surrounds a foul organic stew, containing the minds and memories of those devoured by the Bloom. The pulsing of a titanic heart reverberates from somewhere below… if you find yourself trapped here, the sound will drive you mad.

Few reach this place by intention. Most are eaten by a Maw and emerge in the Gullet, half-digested, to spend the final days of their lives in screaming agony. Transdimensional echoes of the Bloom's victims wander through the tunnels, lost and insane. Bizarre creatures, bred by the Bloom in its guts, burst from their wombs to hunt. Forgotten machines and artifacts lie half-submerged in Bloom-flesh, plucked from distant worlds of the past or future.

The only way out of the Gullet is down… to follow the sounds of the Bloom's beating heart and descend to a place where the Bloom's consciousness is at its most malignant and aware.
Oct 8, 2009
Despite being text based dialogue driven the quality of the VA leaves me very impressed.

I have been interested in Divinity and Shadowrun Returns and Transistor, but I haven't taken the plunge of these titles - It's not that I need a 3d cinematic driven story, it's just that it has to be a really good and well delivered story.

I mean.. Look at Max Payne 1 and 2. It's not even that they are particularly well written, but they are still good. The delivery, the atmosphere. And the short burst of the comic-book style cut scenes just perfectly fits these awesome action games without abrupting the gameplay flow.

As great as Max Payne 3 is, something was lost by going Tony Scott on it. That's why I am really hopeful for this game. And I hope more isometric RPGs will go those extra lengths to not just have dialogue in these games feel like a cash in or hampered.
Jan 24, 2010
Hmm, for some reason I'm not excited as most of you are about this teaser although I did back the kickstarter, something seems off to me but I can't pinpoint what it is exactly yet.

Anyway, good to see progress is made on the game.
Jul 26, 2006
Wow, I think this trailer actually surpassed my expectations a little. It might be due to the crappy laptop I was watching the trailer on, but it felt like the characters mesh better with the background than in Project Eternity.
Mar 11, 2014
I don't know if anyone subscribes to Smudboy on Youtube, but isn't this the game that he made a bunch of videos of because he was dissatisfied with some game-design decision they made?

The Technomancer

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Jun 18, 2009
Between this and Pillars I'm basically set. Never did I imagine that I would be getting both whats looking like an awesome classic fantasy D&D style RPG from Obsidian and what looks like it could be an awesome, fantastical and bizarre spiritual successor to Torment in close proximity.
Nov 5, 2010
This looks so good. I hope PoE and Torment are great and successful games and we will see many other games like this.

I replayed the original Torment just 2-3months ago and its still the best writing combined with one of the best storys. Such a amazing game.

Chairman Yang

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Sep 14, 2005
Graphics look better than Pillars of Eternity so far. Although that might just be the variety and exoticism of the locales.

Love that the focus of the trailer was dialogue trees. InXile knows their audience.
Jun 14, 2010
Lisbon, Portugal
Pillars of Eternity and Torment are like two shining globes of light in a dark sea of mediocrity that have been this last few months.

It looks fantastic, I'm so glad Obsidian and inXile are sharing their tech and talent to create two fantastic games worthy of BG2 and Planescape Torment