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Total War: WARHAMMER confirmed (as use of 2012 license announcement)

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Creative Assembly fan received the 'The Art of Total War' book much earlier than the release date (23rd January) and found this inside:

Damn, this will be cool. Warhammer Quest's the other adaptation I can think of, but having a Total War spin on the setting? I'd try it.

Total Warhammer will probably get compared to Total Annihilation by those not in the know.
I love TW games, but I'm not really that interested in CA just doing updates on their older work, so this is fantastic news for me.


Total War and Warhammer Fantasy are made for each other. The two games flow similarly as far as movement and morale mechanics, and have similar unit sizes.

Warhammer 40k is almost a small scale tactical game, though you can throw hundreds of models on a table. There are Warhammer 40k spinoffs that would work in a Total War context, but it would be more Total War than Warhammer 40k.

I'm very excited for this, btw.


Not surprising, but can't wait to see what it comes out to be.

Really want a 40K one some day.

Although the sheer scale and violence of 40k battles means we probably don't even have the hardware to render that magnitude of carnage.
Could've sworn they did this once already.

Anyway, glad to see the fine folks at GW finally got their heads on straight in regards to video games. Looking forward to this :)
Great news! The Total War series was obviously inspired by the two classic Warhammer games (of course, I'm talking about the immaculate Shadow of the Horned Rat and Dark Omen), so it's great to see it come full circle. I have faith that this is going to be quite a bit better than Mark of Chaos.


We've known this for a bit. Well, we knew CA was working on a Warhammer game via a job ad, though this is the first confirmation it's indeed what we we expected, Total Warhammer.
How far is this into development? The most I've seen is it being mentioned by job postings and what not. It'd be awesome to see something substantial shown this year.



Won't be buying day one though, still burnt from TW: Rome II's buggy launch.
I'll probably wait for the equivalent of Rome II's "Emperor Edition".


never left the stone age
Oh wow, this ought to be a treat to fans. Now if only Relic could make a Warhammer RTS, it's been ages since I last played a really good fantasy RTS title.

SEGA's really doing good with their licenses, Colonial Marines aside.

Anjin M

I would prefer if they went back to the old naming convention and call it Warhammer: Total War.

That's all I have to contribute.


This is amazing news if true! I don't really follow the Warhammer series, but I have been begging for a fantasy Total War setting for years. This will be a day 1 purchase for sure!
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