Total War: Warhammer |OT| WAAAGHcraft 4

Haven't read up much about this game, does it have a regular "campaign map" like the normal Total War games where you invade and take over various areas?

Not sure if my PC will play it well (i5-4570, R9 270X) so I might try it and then refund it on Steam if it chugs like hell.
Started up the Orcs campaign. I have no idea what I'm doing. Seems to run alright. I just hit the recommended option and it seems to put most things on Ultra.
restarting steam made it work for me.

However I am getting some horrible flickering on the UI, the actual game itself is fine, just the UI elements are flickering and acting weird.
My apologies guys. When I created that visual comparisons video(ACG) it was for a subscriber so I didn't post my stats for the PC. I just did so in the performance thread so we can keep the discussion there.

As for the title. I think you guys are going to love it. Fantastic fun. Its not perfect, but its damn good.
Finally got it to work, I just left it at the loading screen for 2-3 minutes and it finally came up. lol

It set everything to ultra for preset, so I'll see how this goes.
Finally got it to work, I just left it at the loading screen for 2-3 minutes and it finally came up. lol

It set everything to ultra for preset, so I'll see how this goes.
Remember Ultra isn't the highest for all settings. A couple go to extreme. Shadows for sure do. Which is nice if you want to run some settings lower and shadows very high. If you can tell the diff.

In fact, as I said in the other thread, the presets are a bit borked. Not changing texture quality at all(thats chosen by your cards memory but you can change it after setting the preset)
Its odd but doable.
So how exactly do the winds of magic work here? The adviser noted them during a battle but I didn't really catch what he said.
When you click your leader in the lower right there should be magic spell icons around a circle that shows your mana. If you right click them more detailed info shows up and a sample video of the attack.
Well, with steam "online mode" I have problems with long loading times and graphical flickering in-game and on cutscenes.

With "offline mode" that problems dissapear and the loading times are a lot faster.

i5-4670k 3.4GHz
PNY Geforce GTX 770 XLR8 Enthusiast Edition 4GB (Driver 368.22)
(On High/Ultra settings I got between 45 and 60fps)
Time sure fly
My empire is off on a rocky start :p
Seems like DRM is messing the game for many
Same here... I've already lost my second settlement to a 20 unit secessionist group within the first 8 turns. I have no idea how they get the resources to build these armies. I'm being battered from all sides.
Yeah, I got my butt kicked too. Took the first two settlements pretty easily, so I was going for the final one to complete the province. Got attacked by a huge army that had reinforcements also, so I just retreated, but they chase me down and I couldn't retreat anymore. So I ended up losing my best leader and army.

So I'm just going to restart.
can you solve every problem with enough great cannons? If the answer to this question is anything but a definitive "yes", I do not consider the game to be true to it's tabletop origin
Put in a couple of hours this morning and it's great! Definitely has the potential to be the best Total War game to date.

Playing as the Empire, I'm midway through my conquest of the Bretonnian lands go the West. Vampire counts seem to be thriving, so I think my plan is to hopefully knock them out before Chaos turns up.

Loving the unit variety so far and the game looks gorgeous. Runs surprisingly well too - certainly better than Attila.
I wonder if we know if Rome total war 2 and Attila total war sold enough for them to increase the budget or has Sega invested a lot more funding with the warhammer title they have two teams now with the alien game right? Plus the community team doing a lot of streaming now. They certainly did not have these teams back during Empire or Shogun TW 2.