Trade In 3DS Get PS Vita For As Low As 149.99 At Best Buy

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hmmmmmmm already getting my Vita on amazon for $60 after trading in a lot of games and etc so i wouldn't trade in my 3DS, but heh without all the leg work for ebay and craigs list its a sorta ok deal, i can see people do this
I'm trading in my 3DS for a vita

Supposedly getting £130 trade in value from GAME here in the UK

Reason i'm doing so? High trade in price now, i've had a years worth out of it (experienced the full first wave of games). I'm happy to let it rest for a year or two. I know the next iteration will have dual slide pads so I will jump back on the 3DS then when it has a decent library size.

I love getting in on consoles early, but I also love later redesigns once the library is chock a block full of great titles. Hence why I usually buy handhelds twice, with a nice gap in between to rebuild my anticipation.