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News Trailer for Age of Empires III: DE - The African Royals expansion


Jun 5, 2019
We’re bringing a new continent to Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition, adding two brand-new civilizations and their magnificent kingdoms: the Ethiopians and the Hausa of Africa! Gain new Alliances with every age and use your Influence to hire units and research technologies. In addition, experience 3 all-new Historical Battles, 15 new African maps, 5 new Indigenous African Civilizations to Ally with, and play your way through several new Achievements!


Apr 17, 2015
Snuck in a few shots without v-sync on there, really wish marketing/PR would start looking at their final output on a larger screen before sending it out. I feel like they look at it on a tiny phone screen from 8 yards and away and give it the thumbs up.

Screen Media Films Hello GIF

I only complain about it because its a disservice to the artists.