Transformers Devastation limited PS4 and Steelbook edition announced in China

Transformers Devastation will be launched on March 3rd in China mainland. Two kinds of limited edition PS4 bundle and limited steelbook game are also announced today.

To be mentioned, Transformers Devastation sold in China mainland is localized in Simplified Chinese. While Transformers Devastation don't have Traditional Chinese, when it was launched in Hongkong or Taiwan before. So it's the first time in global, the game is in Chinese.

Moreover, Transformers Devastation is probably the second game localized in Chinese, which is published by Activision. The first one is Call of Duty: Black Ops III, but not sold in China mainland.

Wow a decepticon and an autobot ps4. I... actually like these. The white ps4 is always great looking. But there's something about that decepticon logo on that black ps4 that makes me want it. You could say, it's more than meets the eye.
Wow, they both look great to me.

Should have had a hdd plate with Starscream wearing that Decepticon crown, before cowardly-ass Galvatron unfairly jumped and cheat shotted him into oblivion.

Worst Steelbook design ever...okay, maybe not the worst since I can think of a few others but it's one of the laziest Steelbook design. Would be better as White Steelbook.