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Treyarch says creating an inclusive working environment is its top priority


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It's a visual world.

All white people are piled together as one homogenous pot. So a bunch of white people from South Africa, Russia, Iceland and USA - all different backgrounds, culture and language - are somehow assumed to be "the same kind of white folks".

Who knew.

I'm no anthropologist or HR manager, but I'd assume at first blush they are different even though skin deep they might look the same.
I fully agree with you.


good luck with the idealism, but there is always bound to be clash of egos in a workplace. I hope they put more effort into making a fun game than promoting virtue signalling.
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Buggy Loop


The Alien

Lol. Treyarch wants diversity. 🤔

Same company that cranks out the same exact game with the same exact mechanics with the same exact bugs for a decade. OK.


Of course no one should be discriminated based on their gender/background/ethnicity/race.

However, hiring based solely on the above reasons is stupidity. Hiring should be based on merit, not whether you fit a 'diversity category'.

The aspect of the woke brigade which bothers me the most is this gender fluid multigender transvestite pronouns crap.


Sorry, but inclusivity, diversity and equality are flawed concepts that fail to recognize the inherent value of individuals. Not to discriminate people on sex, color, or religion still is the superior ideal.


How about some major price drops on all your current and old games?

Words are cheap
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My tears. Exclusive to gamepass. Forever.
I thought the top priority for any company is to hire the best people for the job to deliver the best possible product to their customers?


Honestly, I'm surprised people there and some folks here do not question the priorities here. If not making a great game is top priority, then why the heck make games?
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