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Tribeca Games Spotlight Friday 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET Kena and more


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The trailers so far looked good but I'm still waiting for some gameplay selling me on the idea that the game is more than a "pretty face".

Some of the early stuff they shown was aggressively MEH in that sense.


Got this pre-ordered on PC via the EGS (I know I know... But it was $10 via regional pricing so forgive me for my sins) so looking forward to it.


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Hope they show a lot of gameplay.. but considering it's a film festival seems unlikely?

The new one is in-game cinematics. The first one is CGI. They used two different trailers. They probably used the CGI one as reference for their in-game engine one.

The old one was in-engine, just pre-rendered... where did they indicate any of the new cinematics weren't pre-rendered? edit: They actually said that's just how the game worked.. not that they ever planned on not using pre-rendered cutscenes.
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This is where my hesitation lies... My ps5 is slightly more capable than my living room PC :-/

I don't think this is going to be a demanding game.. their minimum PC requirements are like 10 year old bottom tier GPUs.

The game will probably easily max out/60FPS on anything more powerful than something like a 1060TI.
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Got this on ps4 pro preorder.. it's like 88 days or something such a herculean time period.. i feel like I've just dropped a caramel out of my spaceship and I'm waiting with my hand hanging out for it to orbit around the sun and land in my hand..

I was just thinking of posting a thread asking people what they think about this game, very psyched to see this news!!
This game has got my interest, I would like to see what this game really is outside it's cool art style. Is it combat heavy, more traversal/puzzle oriented, smallish hub like open world? Sounds a little like Horizon ZD in that you "clear" the infected and free the area. Hopefully we get some extended gameplay or possibly a small mission walkthrough.

You know this game will be available on PS+ within a year of release so for all you cheap fucks out there just wait it out.


Oh damn, I didn't know that. I'd still prefer PS5 though because I prefer to play games like this on the couch. I usually play RTS/Dungeon/FPS games on PC and RPGs on sofa.

Finally someone else who realizes different setups are better for different games without being on some crusade about which platform is the ONLY WAY to game.

I'd prefer to play this game on console but will probably get the PC version as I don't expect to have a PS5 for awhile. I do still play PC games on the couch but I find it more convenient to play a game like this on a console so I don't have to switch all the inputs in my setup. Grabbing the controller and plopping down on the couch is easier than grabbing the controller, changing all the inputs, and then using a wireless mouse from the couch to use Windows with tiny font on your TV.

But it still works and will allow me to play the game lol. It's just a preference.
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I would usually say upgrade that living room PC but... The current GPU situation 😭
It's an old Dell i7 desktop machine that has little room for a decent GPU (I had to replace the PSU to get a 1660ti card in there... anything bigger is blocked by the RAM sockets 😖).


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Gonna manage my expectations on Kena. First game from a studio where most dont have a gaming dev background. Seems like they should have make an animation movie instead of a game.


Sable really remind me of a Image graphic novel.

Man said Moebius and yeah, that's the one
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Gonna manage my expectations on Kena. First game from a studio where most dont have a gaming dev background. Seems like they should have make an animation movie instead of a game.
exactly that's the impression I'm getting. I mean best of luck, I hope it's great but we'll see.


I can't deal with the indie game walking simulator thing.
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NOW it's an indie game. Gotta have that garland to let you know how elite it is.
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Joined this late, what was the gothic game with the dice they just showed before 12 minutes?
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