Tried taking the SATS today

What a humiliating mistake, to post in the wrong forum.what a lame way to start.

I did fairly well on the first two parts, the reading, writing parts.

Then I got to the math part, and it's been over ten years since I was in school, so I just didn't understand the terms or remember the ways of solving the problems.

So I got up after I realized I had no way of figuring out ten problems-at the next break- and told the teacher it just didn't seem fair to me to continue taking the test.

It was so humiliating and I feel majorly set back.

If you don't know my back story I have mental illness, depression/anxiety, and lots of other things.

I had actually planned to kill myself in February, the 22,I had been planning it for three years. Simply as I can't enjoy life due to constant pain, but I met someone who inspired me at like the last minute, it just made me look at my options, and I thought,I can try to go back to school.

I was never able to afford to go before due to poverty.

I have to go to school while working full-time. It's going to be really hard, but I've never gotten anything without having to suffer and try so hard, so I'm used to it. I almost am hoping my body or my just break and I just die from giving my all, just to be accepted.

I'm just really. I don't expect sympathy but I wonder if anyone knows what's it like to be so disappointment that you can't hope for anything, then you do, and you just fail. What you were doing to get close to others, to move away from the isolation you're in, by proving you're someone, or worth something, only to feel like, you're simply an idiot.

Has anyone else tried returning to school while approaching your thirties?
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Eh just read this and wanted to say I was inspired by your post, and the fact that you went in tried to take the SAT says something about your character.