True System Sellers. What systems have you bought for ONE game?

With the talk about system sellers out there, what game(s) have been true system sellers to you, in the sense that you had to buy a system to play said game?

Let me clarify the question:

What system have you bought because you just had to have that one game for it? And if you're going to look at it like "Well, I bought it because I really wanted one game, but all the other games made the decision easier." fine, but just tell the game that pushed you over the edge.

I bought a PS1 because I had to have Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. I played it at a friend's house and thought it was just about the pinnacle of gaming (and then THPS2 came out).

I bought a PS2 because I played GTA3 at a friend's house, and then determined that was actually the pinnacle of gaming (and then Vice City came out).

I bought a PS3 because of MGS4. Not so much because I thought the game would be unbelievably awesome or anything, but because I just had to know how the story ended at that point, and I knew it wasn't coming to the 360 soon if ever.
Well if I follow the "Well, I bought it because I really wanted one game, but all the other games made the decision easier" definition:

PS2: Grand Theft Auto 3. Had to play it.
GCN: Super Smash Brothers Melee.
Bought PS1 for Final Fantasy VII, then ended up enjoying VIII and IX a lot more.

Bought PS2 for Gran Turismo 3 A-spec.

Bought PS3 on launch day.

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Nothing. A system needs a decent library before I'll consider a purchase. The closest thing I've done would be buying any Nintendo system for the Nintendo games.


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I got a PS3 just because MGS4.
Sadly it was a dissapointment.
Luckilly the sytem has great games.
Jet Grind Radio! said:
N64 for Twilight Princess.
People like to ragg on TP's graphics, but c'maaaan man.

I bought a PS3 mostly for MGS4. I wanted an HD console, and I might as well have gotten a 360, but MGS4 made me go for a 360. I don't regret it.
PSP: Wipeout Pure (bad idea)
PS3: MGS4 (bad idea)
Wii: Metroid Prime 3 (bad idea)

Pure and MP3 were great but the systems fell on their faces pretty fast after the launch lineup. PS3 I kept because of it's media functions.
pretty sure i got a Sega CD for Sonic CD, but looking back, it was really for Lunar 1 & 2.

I got a PS1 for Resident Evil 1 (Tobal 1 was just out and i really wanted that FF VII demo, too). Dreamcast, id played a japanese one at a local comic shop and was sold on Sonic Adventure.

i also recall going to Toys R' Us like every night to play the booth they had of Mario64, saved up just for that game. no regrets on any of these.
I wouldn't say that I bought any system for just one game, but I could tell you the games which helped pull the trigger.

  • Gears of War's release warranted a purchase of the 360 along with a great bundle at the time.
  • MGS4 and full PS2 BC convinced me to pick up a 60GB PS3.
  • Marvel vs Capcom 2 & Capcom vs SNK 1 & 2's release meant the Dreamcast was a must buy.
new pc rig for hl2.
360 for dead rising (still my game of the generation).
psp for wipeout, ended up enjoying it for the tacticals.
ps3 for motorstorm (i was tired of wasting my lunch-break time at bestbuy playing it :lol )
Can't remember for which game i picked up a ds for, i think it was for dragon quest 9 megaton but then i touched dq4 and came to the conclusion that's it's just not my kind of rpgs.
PS2: Dnasty Warriors 3
PS3: FFXIII/Versus
PSP: Crisis Core
Xbox360: Rumble Roses XX
Wii: Fire Emblem
DS: Phoenix Wright
GBA: Fire Emblem
Gamecube: Fire Emblem
N64 for Goldeneye
GC for RE4 (though I kinda wanted Metroid Prime too)

Nocebo said:
PC... no wait I bought that for the billions of games I could and still can play to this very day.
What the hell has this got to do with anything?
NES: Super Mario Brothers
SNES: Super Mario World
N64: Super Mario 64
PS1: Metal Gear Solid
PS2: Metal Gear Solid 2
Xbox: Halo
360: Halo 3
PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4
I don't think I ever bought a gaming system solely because of one game. You could say I bought Dreamcast for Sonic Adventures, but really I bought it because of the praise of the system.
360: Halo 3
PS3: Disgaea 3

I haven't really played a whole lot of the last two yet, and I think I'm mostly done with Halo 3 since I don't really hang out with the people I played the multiplayer with anymore, and I'm not really a big Halo fan outside of local mp. All three systems have plenty of other games, anyway.

And yeah, it's more that said game tipped me over the edge than me buying the system for only one game.
Master System : Hang-On
Atari 520 ST : Manoir de Mortevielle
Megadrive : Revenge of Shinobi
GameBoy : Tetris
Super Famicom : Soulblader
Amiga 500 : Gods
NeoGeo : Magician Lord
Nec Duo : Spriggan
Amiga 1200 : Alien Breed II
PC : Red Alert
Playstation : Raiden I-II
Saturn : Virtua Fighter
N64 : Ocarina of Time
Dreamcast : Sonic Adventures
Playstation 2 : SSX
Gameboy Advance : Super Mario World
Xbox : PGR2
Gamecube : WindWaker
Nintendo DS : Mario 64 DS
PSP : Ridge Racer
360 : Gears of War
Wii : PES
PS3 : MGS 4

Those were all games that made me go out and buy the system for them.
I bought PS1 for FF7. Honestly wouldn't have likely ended up with one if it weren't for that game.

I guess I bought a PS2 for FFX, too :p Totally worth it, though. PS2 rules.

I bought a Wii for the "superior" version of Twiglet Princess. Slightly regretted it, but oh well.

Oh yeah, and bought an Xbox 360 because I really wanted PGR3 and Racer Racer 6.
I bought a Wii for WiiSports and Zelda:TP...

I bought my PS3 for not what it had but what it will have in future...which was MGS, Gran Turismo, FFXIII and PSN games.

I bought a 360 for Gears of War and Forza.
I bought a Gamecube solely for Super Monkey Ball. Totally worth it.

I bought a GBA solely for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Totally not worth it.

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Last generation, the only console I didn't buy at launch was the Xbox. I bought it once I saw Splinter Cell. I bought my Dreamcast for Marvel vs Capcom 2. I buy all others at launch