Trump addresses Charlottesville [Up: Trump's people force him to croak out "racism"]

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He's not going to call anybody out. It will be generic stop the violence, come together, both sides shit. Of course if this was a Muslim or an attack on the White Nationalists, he would. And his supporters refuse to see the hypocrisy.
Awful scenes - I don't like seeing America so divided. That car crash was sickening.

How long is he going to make those people stand there looking jittery?
I was just going to ask that.

Tuned in as soon as I heard about him being 'moments away' from speaking. It's now been half an hour.
I don't recall Obama getting referred to as "The 44th President of the United States" as much as Trump is referred to as 45th, am I mis-remembering or is this a lot more frequent now?

holy shit just address the people actually causing the problem you dumbass

The worst part is that feels like an ad-lib? Like I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn it's not in the speech and he inserted it on his own.
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