Trump Administration Orders Purge of Kaspersky Products From U.S. Government

as a russian, i can tell you what the text on this picture says
"its a suitable software to use in government facilities and facilities that operate with protected (secret) information"

its absolutely nothing.

Russia is also making moves to remove foreign software from its workplaces (at least in government facilities) but that is already known. It kinda makes sense to do the same for US. Its actually confusing to me why US doesnt have a good alternative like other people say
It's like the news wants to create hysteria and didn't research it, or did and didn't want to mess up their "OMG" report. Thanks for the info.,
The success of Kaspersky Lab hinges on the worldwide licensing of their software in anything from firewalls to sensitive telecommunications equipment. Their tech is everywhere even if you don't see the Kaspersky label on the tin.

This silent encroachment has been the subject of discussion in the intelligence community for a while. Even if Kaspersky Lab is not a willing and active tool of the Russian government, they are highly vulnerable to infiltration and manipulation by the Putin regime.

Being wary of their software makes sense and as cyber becomes the new battlefield of superpowers, you can't afford to ignore even small risks.
Still a better option than Norton though.
Majority of posts read like

Not every single action out of the Trump admin is some sleazy scheme.
Some of the posts are getting really annoying to be honest in that they just clog up the entire thread with nonsense. I would rather nothing than trying to find good posts in a sea of nonsense.
Didn't one of the Kaspersky founders get arrested by the Russian government or something not long ago. I don't think they liked their work on finding who was hacking and creating viruses as it hit home.

I imagine you can never be sure but then if they ever got caught then it's over so why do it. Same goes for American tech companies.
Im struggling to figure out where they even use Kaspersky. Foreign products have been mostly banned from DoD and DoS for a while now.

It is kind of weird that people use this specific Russian firm lol.
They are probably the most popular russian product used frequently here, no?
Can you really trust cyber security coming out of Russia? Come on now.
Kaspersky is the best at what they do, just because they originate from Russia does not change that fact and/or make them less trustworthy. From a governmental perspective it makes sense not to use Kaspersky, but from a civilian point of view it makes no sense and would just be paranoia.