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Trump gears up for war with his own party


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Sep 21, 2020

First day in office:
He and his administration - of course - revoked Trump's EO that was aimed at preventing the CRT. It's called "Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government". It requires all agencies to prioritize equity. Not equality. It's full of mumbo jumbo about systemic barriers to all the different minorities etc. Launching a study that analyses all the issues with equity and opportunities for the different minority groups, to then determine policies to eliminate those issues (within 6 months).
We all know that this study will be full of systemic racism, white supremacy etc. Because he and his administration have repeatedly focussed strongly on these topics and support these theories.

You see it very clearly when you look at the problems with black communities. One of their biggest issues is extremely high percentage of single motherhood. Causing a lot of very bad developments like missing father figures, bad financial situations, mothers being responsible all alone, being directly linked to worse education, extreme high crime rates etc.
But that's not what anyone of them talks about. It's all just blaming it on the supposedly racist system, white supremacy and so on.

Not to mention their constant downplaying of the BLM riots, not speaking up against anti white propaganda being taught at schools (the whiteness meter) etc.

They are going full on identity group policy. Because that's one of the reasons they got elected.
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Mar 23, 2019

I mean look at the Politics page in this forum. There's around half a dozen examples of CRT being pushed by our institutions. The Coca Cola thread. The woman at Smith College. The Megyn Kelly podcast thread. Threads about how math is being deemed racist in Oregon schools. The thread about the schools in Philadelphia where students did some type of anti-whiteness march. I'm paraphrasing here and going off memory.

Biden came out after the capital riots and pushed the narrative that if it had been black people storming the capital they would have been shot and gunned down. That just fuels the racial equity/social justice warrior/identity politics narrative out there. Maybe you believe that would really be the case (I don't), but it's certainly a message leaning into Identity Politics and creating diviseness because by nature that message is divisive. It's another way of saying "whites have advantages blacks don't because white people didn't get gunned down at the riot. Black people would have because America is sysemtically racist against black people". He just used different words to say it.

Some of this is directly Biden's fault, but they are being pushed by the party he represents and his handlers. The discussion in the Megyn Kelly podcast thread is completely relevant because that discussion gets into what is making its way into our education system. Biden just undid an EO from Trump banning CRT making it easier for this stuff to filter in. That's a direct policy action Biden has taken that will not make things better, but lean all in on identity politics and the diviseness it creates.

Much of this may not be directly Biden's fault, but either because he doesn't understand it or is trying to appeal to a certain group of people that he wants to vote for him. But to pretend there aren't ties/impacts to CRT, the push for "equity of outcome" is just putting your head in the sand.
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