Trump Told Russians That Firing ‘Nut Job’ Comey Eased Pressure From Investigation

Holy shit, White House response is hilarious. Just heard it on cable news so can't transcribe it, but basically reiterating the whole "leaks are real, news is fake" bullshit
It doesn't even make sense. Trump tells the Russians it's over and doesn't need to worry about it anymore. How is that "negotiating"?

No one is that stupid.
He's actually that stupid.
People keep saying this as though it weren't apparent. Of course he's stupid. He's also boastful, prideful, fueled by ego and has literallt lived 70 years never having to face consequeces for what he says in private or public.
No, this is a huge bombshell. This is the final piece, if proven. It shows that no only did he fire Comey because he didn't like that he wouldn't play ball on the Russia investigation, but that he thought the firing would have a tangible effect on the investigation. Some people have suggested it doesn't make sense to think the investigation would go away just because Comey was fired, but this would tend to prove he at least thought it would. Plus, he told this to the Russians of all people. I can't wait for Russia to deny this and offer the transcripts again.
I was more referring to it as official documentation of what we all pretty much knew, but I guess even that is pretty substantial, factual evidence in favor of obstruction.
The sheer stupidity of this is just breathtaking. Which one is worse?

1 That he said it out loud?
2 To the Russians?
3 In the White house where it is recorded?

Like holy shit, at some point I am going to start feeling bad for the motherfucker cause this is like exploiting the dumb kid in class. Ok the dumb kid is a right proper cunt but still.
I'm enjoying every minute of this shit

I want this fuckwad cunt behind bars rotting

not just impeached
Yeah, impeached and walking away still with his business is far too kind. Prison, business crumbles and selling off Trump tower would suffice along with the other culprits.