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Trump's economic illiteracy is showing through with respect to the self-inflicted Chinese trade war


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Nov 9, 2013
San Francisco, CA
Trump keeps jumping before looking. He's never thinking the repercussions of his actions. Instead of re-negotiating deals with other countries for food exports, he just says, tariffs on China! Now farmers are screwed cause no one will deal with the US because other countries don't know if the US will double back on their obligations.
Nov 23, 2010
Trump imposes tariffs that make it more expensive for US end-consumers to purchase goods. Now, China is negating their effects by devaluing local currency.

Farmers are also scrambling to find other export markets than China.

This is one clusterfuck in a bubble of many clusterfucks that this administration has caused.

This is why his first economic advisor resigned.
Why does China have to offset the effects of the tariffs???

I thought the narrative was Americans pay the lion's share of the costs and Trump supporters are hurt most by his trade war. It's pretty much all self-inflected damage so China ought to be able to sit back and watch right? That's what a lot of people tend to say on TV and online.

However, like you said, China is devaluing their currency. And that suggests they'll be getting less dollars per transaction when they trade with the US than they otherwise would. I don't know how everything works out on a net basis, but it seems like with this latest move they will be taking a significant hit.

And, I recall an article I posted awhile back that said the world's wealthiest individuals lost about $2 trillion last year because of the trade spat. Roughly, $500 billion hit the wealthiest in China alone. I don't think those folks are Trump supporters.

I think it's a good thing Trump's first economic advisor resigned because he/she definitely jumped the gun. We don't really know who is going to come out on top in this trade dispute. If the US wants China to stop slapping it around, then it has to do something dramatic to shift the dynamics.
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Apr 18, 2018
I’ll do you a favor for your ignorance. Here’s probably the foremost expert strategist on geopolitics that’s available to the public.

China is undergoing extremely high inflation (and social upheaval in Hong Kong)

He’s been saying that the US will pull back from freely maintaining global security

He’s written books about it

Trump or not, the US relationship with China will never be the same
America's newfound energy independence is going to make a huge difference, but few are talking about that.

Growing up, the anti-establishment, anti-corporate bloc of political interests (mainly on the Left) made such a stink about oil wars and American interventionism and so forth. Now that America is pulling manufacturing back to its shores (how else will we build stuff if we're gonna be isolated?), and with our energy sector booming, there isn't much of a peep from this same bloc. They've focused their attention elsewhere without acknowledging the monumental shift away from "oil wars".