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Trying to quit 4chan


This is a cult meme. So many variations exist


There's more assholes on Neogaf than on 4chan. Hell, people can insult you in the vilest way on this forum just for an opinion about a game and nothing will come of it from a report. At least on 4chan there's no facade of civility, it's all there out in the open, masks off, so you can know what people truly feel and think. Just because you visit that site and engage with it doesn't mean you endorse everything there, you get to pick and choose that for yourself like an adult as you would anywhere else.
I think it's not that simple. While literally anyone can post on 4chan, you kinda expect a certain type of vitirol .And the base atmosphere of conversation is rougher over there (but also funnier, tbh). The atmosphere here is not as rough which is why insults stand out more. But it helps to treat GAF and any other forum just as you treat 4chan: It's just a stupid shit on the internet.
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Made it about 36 hours now!
Great to hear! I had to cut Webtoons out of my life since I kept adding more and more comics to my scrolling. Just writing about it makes me want to go check just one. Many series left unfinished. I know it's a bad idea so I'll set the temptation down and walk away.


I lurk Resetera on weekdays and that's the extent of my internet cesspooling. I can't even imagine the horrors (or the appeal) of 4chan.


I lurk Resetera on weekdays and that's the extent of my internet cesspooling. I can't even imagine the horrors (or the appeal) of 4chan.
I'm the exact opposite. 4chan has its own kind of charm, funny but stupid with usual trash talk. I've always been used to that kind of thing. Reset is full of ideologues, which I can't stand

But I've long been addicted to comments on hentai sites. Hilarious stuff. Everyone is a lot more honest when their dick is out :messenger_tears_of_joy:


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Only time I've used 4chan is when some game leak would pop up so I'll check it out.

Then occasionally in the past I'll try to give the shit looking site a try (which looks like it was made in 1994) and poke around searching topics. I cant see how anyone can navigate that site and posts. It looks so unorganized and hard to read unless I'm not using it right.
I stopped visiting 4chan over a decade ago once they became more PC centered. Id go there to find the wildest stuff and all of a sudden 1/3 of the sub topics were gone. You dont quit 4chan, you just forget about it. Layout is stuck in 1995.


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To be fair, most people on 4chan are on character and are obnoxious for the lulz.

Do you want to quit 4chan or any website? Buy a really good ass game and spend some weeks only playing it instead of going to social media.
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