Turkish state news finds GTA4 cheat codes. Says they're blueprints for Gulenist coup.



FETO stands for "Fethullah Terrorist Organization", the government name for the movement lead by Fethullah Gulen.
My fucking sides. I'd have called it unbelievable, but I live in this country so that isn't so implausible.

Does The Onion imitate real life, or does real life imitate The Onion?
By the way, ATV is pro-state but isn't the actual state channel (which is TRT, for Turkish Radio Television). Can that be edited into the title?


WOW, you cant take this serious anymore. Im sad to see once a beautifull country (a lot of beautifull cities, a lot of turists, beaches) go to waste.

Incredible how fast its going downhill with Turkey.


i have watched this news on the tv and laughed it with my ass...

This channel is close to government..
Ha ha ha, That's Gold! Pure Comedy Gold! :D That's cheered me up this morning.

Hmmm, I wonder if we could get Erdogan to think that "Pokemon GO" is "Pokemon Gulenist Organiser" and Gulenists are using it to meet up?


Those people are lost. Unbelievable...

Still won't ever understand how there are people in existence who are this stupid.
And all the while the west will stand back and let him do whatever he wants. Because Turkey is one of the major choke-points for refugees trying to get into Europe. And while migration is currently such a sensitive subject in so many Euro nations, their politicians wouldn't dare endanger their careers by provoking Turkey.

Erdogan holds them back for a price.
If you look hard enough for something, you'll find it, even if it's not there. Best of luck to Turkey, looks like a really crazy place to be right now.


lol its been on news in here mostly making fun of that channel who took it serious, but damn ita going downhill in here glad i am leaving the country soon.
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