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TV Man Piers Morgan fearmongers to you, but enjoys Xmas in the Caribbean


Feb 21, 2018

The Government’s official guidance is that all people in Tier 3 should avoid travelling outside their tier – both to other English tiers and abroad – except for essential reasons such as work. The Government emphasised to hopeful holiday-makers they should “carefully consider whether they must travel abroad”. The Government explicitly said if those leaving the country “must” travel abroad they should follow FCDO travel advice.

The Department for Health explained:

“Government guidance is that people should not be going on foreign holidays if they live in Tier 3…”
On the 18th December, the Foreign Office told travellers entry to the islands of Antigua and Barbuda “is restricted”. Guido understands that nevertheless before Christmas Day, though just after he urged Cabinet ministers on his show to introduce tougher measures to lockdown Christmas (December 16th), he flew out to Antigua in the Caribbean just ahead of the Tier 4 restrictions being imposed. The hypocrisy of urging tougher “stay at home” restrictions over Christmas before heading for the First Class lounge at Heathrow is beyond brazen.

According to a source Piers stayed at the exclusive luxurious Jumby Island resort, on the private island accessible only by boat from Antigua, which is 2 miles to the South. Guido has asked Piers to confirm he was in Antigua, his only response is a guilty silence, which is uncharacteristic. He also exercised a self-imposed no tweeting, no Instagramming black out over Christmas. Whilst so many of his viewers stayed at home as the government asked, Piers didn’t follow the advice.

Stay home, unless you can take your private jet to a million dollar resort unlike those pleebs then who cares.


Dec 7, 2008


Jun 11, 2020
This guy is an odious turd. That he remains employed as a 'journalist' and professional gobshite shows what a moral abyss journalism is. In any proper profession he would've been struck off for life. Never forget as editor of the mirror during the Iraq war he smeared British soldiers putting their lives at risk.
Doesn't surprise me he's also a do as I say not as I do twat.