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TV Shows You've Watched Lately |OT| - 2021


Sidney Prescott

Unconfirmed Member

Since we don't really have an active spot to dump our general TV thoughts and reviews, this can be your new home for all things television!

Let us know what you've been watching lately, drop some thoughts and maybe give it a star rating out of five.


- Respect other people's opinions obviously. Sadly, not everybody will like your favourite show. (Still, how can you not like Breaking Bad damn it!?)
- Talk about TV stuff. Doesn't have to be current or latest releases, anything is fine.
- Keep the thread spoiler free if you can. Spoiler tags are your best friend. I haven't seen many shows that have dropped, so I don't want to see too many spoilers. Thanks!
- If you could let us know where and how you watched it, it would be appreciated. There is many different services and ways to watch now, it can get confusing at times.

Credit to BadBurger BadBurger for the thread concept/layout. We have a movie thread, so a TV thread seems like a good idea.

Sidney Prescott

Unconfirmed Member
I'll start this off:

The last show I watched was Behind Her Eyes

Entertaining six-part series. Great performances and a storyline that wraps up well. I would highly recommend it. It gets a solid ★★★★ from me. Not quite perfect, but pretty close in terms of personal enjoyment. I am still thinking about it a week later, that says something.
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Aug 19, 2007
I have like 7 shows I started and need to finish.

But right now focused on finishing “The newsroom” and Broad City.

The news room season 1 is great, but the way they change the characters personalities after episode 1 really kinda sucked. I was looking forward to how they are portrayed in the first episode. Season 2 seems a little boring now.

Broad city is ridiculous, work a holics but girls basically. I dunno how I never heard of this before. Hilarious.
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