Twitch Plays Pokemon: Dig, Dig for Victory!


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Jul 6, 2012
In these dark times we need to remember our Lord’s prayer:

Our Helix,

Who art in fossil.

Hallowed be your shell,

Your evolution come,

Your will be done

In Kanto, as it is in Sinnoh

Give us this day our daily gym badge,

And forgive us our start spam,

As we have forgiven those who pressed down on the ledge,

And lead us not into the way of the domed one,

But deliver us from Eevee.

For thine is the move-set, the rare candy,

and the SS Anne ticket.

I'm dead!
Jan 5, 2010
Has it really been that long? :/ Chat pls

Yep, I think it's about time I finally get some sleep. Good luck Taylor Swiftrat, and Drowzee, when you finally recover. Based Birds, try not to get your feathers ruffled too much. And Oddish... I'm sure you'll do something eventually.
May 8, 2009
Digrat and Drowzee are the only ones that can actually damage ghost Pokemon right?
This might take a while....
They're both gone. The next few hours will be spent trying to exhaust the two birds' PP pool so they can struggle themselves to death. Unless Gastly manages to beat them somehow, which is possible. Thank goodness for Night Shade and Confuse Ray.