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Two new special 3DS XL for Europe: Luigi and Zelda A Link Between Worlds


Just got an email from Nintendo PR:

3DS XL Luigi on November 1st.

3DS XL Zelda: ALBW + download code for the game on November 22nd.

I don't know if it's only Europe or not.


Luigi one is actually quite cool. Zelda one is alright but c'mon it's pretty uninspired. Edit Just realised it's one XL opened and not 2 next to each other (just woken up).
Annoyingly It's pretty cool.


Knows the Score
Oh that Zelda one is nice. Is there a new Luigi related game or is this just Year of Luigi stuff?
bummed that luigi stayed with that prada look, but....i need to see the inside of that zelda one before deciding how bad i need it. color scheme aint the best out the gate, but then i mostly just wanted them to take the OG zelda 3DS and make it XL anyway


If all DLC came tied to $13 figurines, I'd consider all DLC to be free
Man Nintendo really needs to update their 3DS account system - getting such CE hardware isn't an option when you can't use your digital content on just one device. Zelda 3DS console would be nice though.


I need a XL anyway, so ill get the Zelda one, looks great and is quite clever, they did not just plaster the triforce on it for no reason.

Luigi one looks bad, but whatever Luigi sucks, thats right i said it! It had to be said!



I will just need to buy this but that will be what, I can't even tell anymore how many 3DSs I bought. At least I sold my OG one.
Zelda one all the way!

I would have preferred Nintendo go with a more simple design for the Luigi one, maybe a mock up of his dungarees would have been nicer as the current on looks too much like camouflage.


Was going to buy the white but I thought I'd wait for a zelda special edition. Patience has paid off. The Zelda XL shall be mine.


Love the fact that the Zelda design intrudes on the backplate, too. Highlights the light/dark world aspect to the game.
ehhh yeah its a cool LE but its not for me; i dont want the game digitally so that'd be a lotta extra $ or trouble for a unit i wouldn't appreciate as much...ah well
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