Two *Off-screen* High Resolution Images of Battlefield 4 Running on Xbox One

In many ways it's actually worse than nothing since people are going to analyze this shit down to atoms.

EDIT: Oh hahah @ Kinect sensor error. Even a random leaked images re-enforce the issues people have with Kinect.
720p really hurts the IQ.
No way, no one could tell the difference if that was 1080p anyway!

* cough *

I asked awhile ago why we have yet to see these third party games running off pure X1 hardware, and we are slowly beginning to see why.

Assassins Creed, showcased on PS4
Watch Dogs, showcased on PS4
BF4, showcased on PS4

List went on throughout the reveals and E3 and Gamescom and the like. I started to wonder ... why are we not seeing the X1 version? Well .... there ya go.
What an awful shot/camera/image quality... o_O if someone said these where from BO: Declassified on Vita - I would have believed them. Gimmie the direct feed HQ shots.
This continued off-screen bullshit less than two months before launch is so fucking stupid. You'd think we'd have seen more screenshots and direct feed footage when the consoles are already up for shipment.

But then again, considering how people thought these $400-500 boxes with parts designed to minimize power draw could run shit at ultra settings in 1080p60, I can't blame them for playing things close to the vest. :/
Looking at it though ... that can't be real ...

They have 8GB of RAM to work with! How can textures still be so low resolution??? HOW?!!?

But that is a .. long ... way off from this

Even the low setting shot ...