Two Worlds developer Reality Pump goes bankrupt and shuts down


Polish studio Reality Pump, highly regarded in the Polish gaming industry, is calling it quits. According to, the shutdown was caused by financial and structural problems. Most of the employees of Reality Pump moved to Bloober Team (A-Men, Basement Crawl), which is currently working on Scopophobia.
The situation of Reality Pump started to grow dire a few years ago. In 2013, Miros³aw Dymek, the main pillar of the company, left, taking along a number of talented developers. They moved together to the newly created Kraków branch of CD Projekt RED.
Unfortunately, after the exodus of some employees to CD Projekt, a team of only about 30 people remained in the studio, who all got down to work on the pirate-themed sandbox entitled Raven's Cry. It was this title that probably sealed the fate of the developer. The game was allocated to the Polish studio by the German publisher after its original developers failed to rise to the challenge. In Poland, the production had to be completed within a very short period of time and virtually from scratch, while having a limited budget. Without much publicity or a marketing campaign, Raven's Cry finally launched in January this year on PC, following a string of postponed release dates. Underdeveloped and full of bugs, the game met with an extremely cold reception of the players and reviewers alike. The scale of the failure was revealed by, which claimed that the title available on Valve's platform was bought by as few as several thousand players. In the wake of the developer's bankruptcy and bad response to the game, the previously planned console versions of Raven’s Cry will most likely never see the light of day.

Credit goes to Henrar for the tip. Sad to see them go. :(
Raven's Cry is a hilariously bad game, it's like Ride to Hell with pirates. I will buy it when it's a cheap €1 joke game.

Right now they're asking €55 though, that is horrible.


Shame. I actually had a great time with Two Worlds, warts and all. They were fun games for what they were. The second one was quite an improvement as well.


Earth 2150 was, in many ways, one of the most progressive RTS games of all time. It provided features and options in 1999 that are still not commonly supported in the genre even now.

Sad to see them go.


That's actually discouraging, as Two Worlds II was, in my opinion, the most improved sequel of all time (Two Worlds 1 was awful...).

It was certainly no Skyrim, but I definitely had fun with it. It probably had the best magic-crafting system I've seen in an RPG in ages.

Shame. They had a LOT of potential, but they've been quiet for several years.
I haven't played any of their other games outside of the Two Worlds games, but those were bad. Like, really bad. It was hilarious to see them claim to be better than the Elder Scrolls, and then release the hot mess that was Two Worlds (1). I'm not sure what some see in Two Worlds II, but I just found it to be a boring and dull game all around with a laughable story. Better than the first, but still a mess.

Then I watched some Raven's Cry gameplay...

It's always sad to here when devs go under, and I hope all the best for those affected, but they were not a quality developer from my experience.


Raven's Cry is a hilariously bad game, it's like Ride to Hell with pirates. I will buy it when it's a cheap €1 joke game.

Right now they're asking €55 though, that is horrible.

Sounds like that one wasn't entirely their fault, they got handed a (bad) unfinished game from another studio.


I haven't played the second game yet, but the first one was decent enough for me. I got a good chunk of hours out of it.
This is very sad. I really enjoyed Two Worlds II and the pirate themed DLC/expansion. They were rough around the edges but they had a lot of heart and very unique environments for a fantasy game. I would have tried Raven's Cry but it never made it to PS4.

Best of luck to everyone there.
Two Worlds 1 was pure donkey ass. And I remember being so hyped for it thinking it was gonna be better than Elder Scrolls. I didn't end up buying it until it was 10 dollars in GoG but I still regretted it.

Two Worlds 2 is a lot better but still extremely janky. Still not worth playing though.
So there will be no Sacrilegium then? *sigh*

Shame, but after Raven's Cry's epic fail I think it's kinda... well, expected.


Shame to those who lost their jobs, I wish them the best.

I heard some horrid things about Raven's Cry as well as Two Worlds so this didn't seem that surprising.


Holy shit! I spent my my teens on the Earth series, 2150 Moon Project is one my best strategy games. God damn shame that they stopped the Earth series, I mean it's what made them last so long right? Wonder if things would've been different if they stuck to it.

Good riddance.


I was still hoping for an Earth 2170.
Bloober Team and Teyon are picking up many of their former staffers it sounds like.

What on earth do they need to staff up for? They're both really small time developers with as of yet no significant successes to their names (although I like Teyon's 3DS games). I guess Poland really is a very friendly environment for game development.


Good. I bought Two Worlds 1 for full price on 360. I've disliked them ever since. Also, I'm dumb for thinking the reviews had it wrong.


Two Worlds 1 was pure donkey ass. And I remember being so hyped for it thinking it was gonna be better than Elder Scrolls.

Heh, as did I. The trailers made it look great.

Raven's Cry was a bad game, but it showed ambition, I wonder what it could have been had they had the manpower and budget.

Quality of the game aside, it's always crap when people are out of a job, I hope they can get back up on their feet soon enough.
I never got past the Two Worlds demo, it was horrible.
That said I was curious whether they could make a nice euro-jank game with a TWII follow-up.


I enjoyed my time with Two Worlds, still have Two Worlds 2 that I need to play some day...

They're not the best devs out there but it's still sad to see them go.
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