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Ubisoft E3 2017 Press Conference Thread | Iconic IP [Over]

What unexpected announcement are you hoping for?

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EA: 2/10
MS: 5/10
Bethesda: 4/10
Ubi: 6/10

Ya that about sums up my feelings as well...pretty lackluster so far. I would have given Ubi a 5 but that last CG trailer was very much 5th element in style and I like it too bad we won't see the game for about another 15 years


Can't believe the amount of people saying this was a meh conference. Ubisoft killed it. Crew 2, Rabbids Mario, South Park, Skull and Bones and BG and E 2. Bravo


Rabbids Mario looked surprisingly great
South Park 2 of course!
South Park iOS and Transference could be neat? Worth looking into
BG&E2 reveal was great but it's hardly what was expected. I'm sure it'll still be great in the end but it still seems way off and it being a prequel is just gut punching =/

The rest of the stuff they showed did not interest me



Geez guys, seems like past years jaded GB reactions might have rubbed off on you. Fitting as they seem to be enjoying the conferences much more this year.

EA was shit, Beth decent, MS good, Ubi more than good. Your move Sony.


Tomodachi wa Mahou
MS 3/10
UBI 5/10
EA 0/10
Bethesda 4/10

Ubi was fine but I'm sorry a CG trailer for a game that doesn't really exist (and possibly never actually comes out) doesn't do a whole lot for me



Best part.


shut uuuuuuuuuuuuuuup
I'm going to be a downer here and say that only Mario & Rabbids really impressed me. I was over the moon for BG&E2 but then came 'online playground'. Not much hope for a sp experience there anymore.


do not tempt fate do not contrain Wonder Woman's thighs do not do not
Excessive cursing and multi racial, multi cultural focus. It's still BG&E so I'll take it!

Hahahaha too much Multi racial and multi cultural focus?

What does that even mean?

I imagine you sitting with you skinhead buddies shouting ohh damn this game is too multicultural ehehehe weirdo.
Ubi showed a good variety of quality looking games today.

Surprising that they dropped the ball with their cash cow Assassins Creed tho. Two conferences and two unimpressive showings for a franchise they sidelined to try to revamp and improve.

I think out of all they showed im actually most excited for the Mario / Rabbits game.


Mario/Rabbits - ok
Ass Creed - no
The Crew - whatever
Space Toys - no
Steep - no
VR - no
Just Dance - lol
BGE - CGI trailer
Far Cry 5 - weird, fairly bland trailer for an exciting premise


Pretty much this. Not a horrible conference, but just a bit above average for me. Best one so far though.


Mario/Rabbids look nice, but probably wouldn't get into it, and BG&E2 was a nice surprise, buuuut hype deflated a bit, so need to see more. Meh at everything else. Still think Bethesda is the winner for me currently.


Thoughts. My favourite of the shows so far. A little too much talking at times but nothing to bad. A lot of games I'm interested in even The Crew 2 which beforehand I couldnt of given a fuck about but I like how it set itself apart from other open world racers.

Mario x Rabbids looks like a fun time with some nice combat
Beyond Good and Evil 2 - FUCK YES
Far Cry 5 is exactly what I wanted
Assassins Creed had a good trailer but that bit afterwards with the off screen footage was pointless
Skull and Bones - A whole game based around the ship combat from Black Flag
Sotuh Park still looks like a blast

The space game with toys does nothing for me
Just Dance bleh but I got to see Bebe with her thick legs, mmmmm.

Good showing Ubi.

Best traditional conference so far. BGE2 and the VR game really got me interested. The art direction on BGE2 is amazing I hope it manages to capture that in the final game.


Best conference of the show so far. Mario looks great, BG&E2 is far-off and multiplayer but it's goddamn BG&E2, no 'terrible' announcements or wasted time. Skull and Bones being multiplayer-focused was highly disappointing but it was a really enjoyable conference nonetheless.

I'll give it a 7/10.


Putting aside personal bias toward the games they showed, objectively, I think that was a legit great conference. Excellent show structure and flow, strong line-up of games shown including a terrific looking new IP and a dream game BG&E2. The Crew 2 looks like a major improvement and Far Cry, South Park and Assassin's Creed look great as well.

Even two feel good moments with Miyamoto x Yves and Ancel tearing up during his reveal.

I'd give it a 9/10. Without the Just Dance segment and that awkward off-screen footage stuff for Assassin's Creed, might have been a 10/10.


This is how I sume up Ubi's show. The passion was there, But there just wasn't anything there for me to care about. Already saw FC5 weeks ago, so it doesn't count.

The beyond world looks good in a CGI trailer, but will it look anywhere close to that in motion?


Great conference. Saved E3 for me after awful conferences.

The Crew 2, Steep DLC, BGE2, FC5 and SP all look incredible.


BG&E2 is a winner for sure, but as many already remarked, what's with the genre choice? Online multiplayer in a supposedly large open world? Characters look interesting though.
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