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Ubisoft Forward: Official Livestream |OT| - LIVE June 10th 2024 - 12 p.m. PDT / 3 p.m. EDT / 9 p.m. CEST

Ubisoft's show last year was great for actually showing extended, uninterrupted gameplay of their upcoming titles. Say what you want about the company or their games, at least they aren't afraid to actually show off what playing them will really look and feel like. I expect more of the same here and am looking forward to it, particularly some new gameplay for Star Wars Outlaws.

Punished Miku

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2PM CST? Guess I'll miss it.

I think you guys might be surprised honestly. Not impossible we see Splinter Cell or Prince of Persia.

Even extended gameplay for AC Japan could be interesting. At least Ubisoft still has a show.
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Meh, I doubt there’ll be anything interesting here. Can’t even recall the last time I actually bought a Ubisoft game.


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Tired Pbs Nature GIF by Nature on PBS


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Shinobi said that it's not there. Even Far Cry 7 isn't. I think if you aren't interested in AC Shadows or Star Wars Outlaws you are gonna waste your time watching this.
Do we get prolonged gameplay for outlaws aswell?



Do we get prolonged gameplay for outlaws aswell?

Yeah probably, the two will likely take up the majority of the show's time. The PoP remake is too far out, the Splinter Cell remake is seemingly not quit there yet (probably next year), same goes for Far Cry 7. The Divsion 3 only got announced to be in dev recently. Watch Dogs is dead. Outside of a new IP maybe there's not much else I'd expect tbh.


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I’m mostly interested in seeing their roadmap for Division 2’s future content that will act as a bridge to Division 3. Division 3 likely won’t debut for years since Massive is still putting in the final touches on Outlaws.
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