Ubisoft Gamescom Offer - Games for £1/€1/$1

I don't care if its just to attract some attention to their uPlay service/client - some pretty nice deals here.

Should be active from tomorrow 16th august - Download uPlay

If you buy through the uPlay client shop tab, it will keep the game in your library like steam/origin to download in the future.

Also not sure if the myth is still being perpetuated, but there is offline mode for uPlay and most games will work if you disconnect.
I know for sure that all the AC games and Driver work offline, i think hawx 2 is one of the few remaining games that retains always on drm

Is it weird that I'm second guessing getting a game I really want for one dollar because it's not steam.

I'm assuming uplay games don't come with steam codes.

Stop It

Perfectly able to grasp the inherent value of the fishing game.
Driver for $1 is pretty tempting but not enough to use uplay more than I already have to for some games.
I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for deals, and frankly, as long as the client works, I do not mind uPlay at all.

As far as I can see, I'm buying at least 4 games this week, heh.
Can games on Uplay be gifted? If so then I'm buying a shitload of Driver copies.

uk has cc, clickandbuy and paypal - im sure US has same options as well


Do I need to buy through Uplay?
you can buy through the client or the ubishop site, either way since you need to login to your account to purchase,
the game should show up in your library. i would just go through the client to be safe, service is still new and buggy.
Are these steam redeemable? So. If I get ass creed and driver will I get the Mac versions too?!

O mannn

I just need to know if these have Mac versionss for these prices. So good
Everyone should pick up Driver for a dollar, there's no way you won't get your money's worth. There's only a one time online activation, after that you can always play the game offline.


works for Gamestop (lol)
Download what may possibly be a rootkit for dollar games? Hmmm

Do I have to download uPlay to buy them? All those games are a $1? Some just say 75% off...

Link me to a website plz
Watch and learn Origin; THIS is how you get me interested in a PC gaminghub/downloadservice other than Steam. Driver and maybe Anno 2070 are mine.

Besides, I've never really minded uPlay. The award system they're using is quite cool to be frank (free DLC, just sayin).
Going to pick up From Dust and Driver: SF. Even if you treat UbiDRM as a rental, it's a pretty damn cheap rental. Too bad about having to install an entire client just for these sales though.
I'd rather spend more money through Steam and know that 30% of my cash is going to the guys who gave me Half-Life, TF2 and Portal instead of the jackholes who gave me uplay and ubisoft DRM.