Ubisoft Is Working On "Ambitious" Unannounced Multiplayer Mobile IP

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TLDR via source:
  • Ubisoft Redlynx is seemingly working on a "(still-unannounced) casual mobile game" featuring a multiplayer experience with microtransactions and "stunning environment concepts."
  • The unannounced mobile franchise will also likely feature in-game events and sales, alongside microtransactions.
  • There may also be advertisements in this unannounced mobile franchise in the form of promotions.
Ubisoft Entertainment is one of the most widely recognised video companies in the world. Since its inception back in 1986, the company has continued to release revolutionary video games, most of which have seen immense success, both commercially and critically. With franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Tom Clancy’s under its name, Ubisoft Entertainment has been (and continues to be) cherished by many players. However, recently, the company has also extended itself to the mobile gaming industry, following the release of Brawlhalla, Just Dance Now, and more across mobile platforms.

Last month, the company announced its collaboration with Netflix to release three exclusive video games for mobile platforms, one of which is an instalment to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, which will be downloadable and available with no advertisements or microtransactions to members with a Netflix subscription. While these three video games have already been officially announced by the company, it seems like Ubisoft Entertainment may possibly have another “(still-unannounced) casual mobile game” based on a new franchise currently under development, this time at Ubisoft Redlynx, the developer behind Trials Rising and one of the development teams behind Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile.

Earlier today, we came across a couple of recent job listings on the Ubisoft Redlynx website, one of which is for the Product Lead position at the development studio’s office based in Helsinki, Finland, the description for which reads, “Are you interested in working on a new game IP bound to make an impact? Do you have experience from mobile game development in a LiveOps role? Read on because we have an opportunity for you!” It further states, “We are now looking for a Product Lead to join our international multidisciplinary team, working to enable a successful live phase for our (still-unannounced) mobile game. In this position you provide a mix of a strategic mindset, creative instinct, and analytical skills to convert data and ideas into actionable plans that will enhance the quality of the live experience once the game is in the hands of the players.” From this, it’s clear that there is an unannounced mobile video game in development at Ubisoft Redlynx, which also seems to be a multiplayer one and based on a new franchise.


Furthermore, it seems like this unannounced mobile franchise will also feature in-game events and sales, alongside microtransactions, as one of the responsibilities of the candidate mentions, “Managing Live Ops — in game events & sales – for big, ambitious mobile games.” Additionally, another one of the responsibilities of the candidate mentions, “Being involved in game design and making sure that monetization and long-term engagement are taken into consideration,” which further corroborates that microtransactions may be an important part of this unannounced mobile franchise. Lastly, there may also be advertisements in this unannounced mobile franchise in the form of promotions, as another one of the responsibilities of the candidate mentions, “Working with analysts to monitor and report on the performance of the promotions and events and their impact on KPIs and game health.” While microtransactions still are a contentious debate in the video game community, they do seem to be the trend in all video games now, particularly free-to-play ones.


However, this isn’t all, as another recent job listing on the Ubisoft Redlynx website is for the 2D Artist Trainee position, the description for which reads, “We are now looking for a 2D Artist trainee to join our international multidisciplinary team, working on our (still-unannounced) casual mobile game.” It further details, “In this position you will work long alongside our Art director and the art team, bringing your ideas and artistic skills to the table to help enhance the quality and experience of the game.”


While it’s unclear as to what genre this unannounced mobile franchise may belong to, one thing that’s certain is that it won’t be a competitive one, unlike what Ubisoft Entertainment is accustomed to releasing on mobile platforms. Furthermore, one of the responsibilities of the candidate mentions, “Creating stunning environment concepts,” so it seems like this unannounced mobile franchise will have a significant focus on the in-game environment, suggesting a possibly open-world experience. However, this isn’t completely clear at the moment, so nothing can be said with certainty.


Unfortunately, these are all the details we have on this “(still-unannounced) casual mobile game” franchise at the moment. Since these job listings seem to have only been recently posted by Ubisoft Redlynx (and are the only ones currently available), we may receive more information about the project soon. Last year, Frederick Duguet, the Chief Financial Officer at Ubisoft Entertainment, stated that the company wants to focus more on high-end free-to-play video games for its franchise instead of its conventional strategy of releasing a few AAA premium games every year. “Additionally, we are building high-end free-to-play games to be trending towards AAA ambitions over the long-term,” he said. Whether this strategy plays out in the favour of Ubisoft Entertainment or not, only time will tell.

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Indeed, to hardcore/passionate gamers such an anouncement might as well be pr talk for- we gonna make some extremly bad looking(mobile) game with exploative mtx mechanics(mobile and multiplayer).
My first reaction to it


Mobile gaming is bigger than console gaming. There's a lot more money in mobile gaming.

But wrong forum.


watch towers scattered about the map with a gazillion confusing waypoint markers actually sounds like a steal compared to this
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