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Ubisoft livestream teasing Far Cry Primal (Ice Age Far Cry)


Feb 14, 2015


Nov 24, 2014
That was dumb of you.


make sure you dont come back as Legendary----

Sorry about that.

Oh shit.

Oh shit.

Quoting for posterity

Oh shit, guys. We've got a junior betting their account here. Getting intense in here.

What has been written, cannot be unwritten.

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I don't get if he's betting that the announcement will happen or will not happen.

Goodbye friends


Nov 13, 2011
Indianapolis, IN, USA
A full game and in Feb! This really does look awesome. I'm excited. The time period seems to be post ice age based on the technology and dress. Maybe circa 9,000 BCE? No idea what the plot will be about, but it seems to be playing the setting pretty straight from what we've seen. I like that. More historical and less fantastical. Need to watch it again!


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Apr 7, 2012
Year of the bow. First Horizon and now this. Are there any other games coming that have bows? I love bows.

I also have a love of bow and arrows! Don't forget Rise of the Tomb Raider...

Love me some Far Cry, so I'm excited to see how this pans out.
Pre historic Far Cry sounds interesting, I'm guessing it'll be a larger version of those Shangri-La missions in 4.

Uuuugh, I hope it shares very little in common with the Shangri-La sections of FC4. Worst part of the game IMO...

What exactly is wrong with the far cry open world formula? I'm curious because i found f3/f4 awesome open world games to explore. Thanks.

I agree, I love FC, but Ubi has become overly-formulaic with their design. It wouldn't have been so bad if they'd kept it in a single franchise, but they've got the same structure running through 3 different open world IPs now. AC, FC and W_D all have you climb some sort of tower/ obstacle and flick a switch/ synchronize to reveal map locations/ activities and hideouts you can take over/ fast travel to. I don't hate that they do it as much as some, but having it in multiple games makes different/ new franchises feel similar much sooner.

Yeah, Farcry 4 is just incredibly dull. The game is beautiful... the world is beautiful... the characters are serviceable... but it's boring.
I still played it quite a bit, but it being SOOO similar to FC3 and re-using so much from 3 and then the story being pretty bleeeh, I did get bored with it much faster.

February is SOON and crowded. I'd almost like this to get pushed.

It's an Ubisoft game, so chances of that are high. If it does get pushed, hopefully it's just to some time next summer rather than what I'm sure will be another packed fall/ holiday season...

Oh so it's a full Far Cry game, interesting

Yeah... not sure if I'm glad about that or not. Full FC games releasing closer & closer together. Wouldn't want this to become an annualized thing and turn AC where by the time I realize it's gone bad I've already bought the game and just hate it....(unity)

Wasn't last Far Cry in 2014? So...

Yeah but FC4 came out almost 2 years after 3, they were 23 months apart. Primal is coming out, what, 15 months after 4? Safe to say dev timelines on FC games is shortening....


Jun 12, 2015

I was really hoping it wasn't this and was a short Blood Dragon type bargain game. How do you have a full Far Cry game without any guns? It looked like a conversion of Far Cry 4 as well, where they just changed up the elephant model, we'll have to wait and see, it better have dinosaurs in it, considering Blood Dragon already donates them a giant lizard model.


No longer boycotting the Wolfenstein franchise
Jun 8, 2004
I've only played Blood Dragon, so this intrigues me without any franchise fatigue issues.

But geez, there are more retail games I want on 2/23 than this entire fall season. That's insane.


Nov 13, 2013
Spokane, WA
Ok, I'm intrigued. My favorite part of the last Far Cry was stealth with the bow and the animals. If they do this right it could be a great game.