Ubisoft Montpellier (Rayman, ZombiU) making a physics based game for 360/PS3/WiiU/PC


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Something something horribly slow CPU. No Wii U game does physics at the moment.

It will be funny if the Wii U version runs the best (which it should).
I saw "Rayman, ZombiU" and PS360 and I was like.. Holy fuck!! ZombiU going multiplatform too
lol wouldn't be surprised tho
ZombiU would be feasible to do on 360 and PS3. It may not feel quite as unique as the Wii U version, but just make the inventory menu appear in real-time with a transparent HUD on the screen or something like that to simulate the sense of vulnerability while the player is preoccupied with performing tasks.
Did we actually get sales for it? I thought next to NSBMU and the Sonic racing game it was the next most successful WiiU game.
It was, but Harker seems decidedly unhappy, and is like King Ubisoft Info, so...

Edit: To note, Sonic wasn't the second most successful one, Scribblenauts was.