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Ubisoft NFT bosses say players just "don't get it"


Actually neither the devs nor the players actually get what NFTs are/could be used for. It could be used for thousand cool things, bring us closer together, make us more unique, explore entirely new ways to customize and everything was owned by us and many publishers would support them ....

HOWEVER that is kind of a dream scenario which is hard to pull off in reality and so what NFTs currently are being used as is to make more money in a microtransaction kinda way. Basically a shiny microtransaction with an NFT tag stamped on it.

The hate for NFTs is kinda wild. It feels almost artificial and socially amplified to a point where one has to wonder why so many people are hating it with such a passion. Like we have so many real problems, even in gaming, that are so much worse than the possibility of NFTs being tried. Wish people would hate mtx as much and boycott 119$ gold edition games etc. as well.


They get new easy ways to explore/scam people only to say fans don't get it.

These are dark times we live.


Never, ever, insult your customers intelligence or in general.

That's like one of the golden rules of marketing which whoever made this statement apparently forgot.


Scammers are good people, right? If you made it clear that you had measured rational reasons for not wanting to be scammed they would stop, right?


So this the guy right?

No pronouns. Surprising.


all the criticisms of actual crypto currency and blockchain are actually true with NFTs.

These guys don’t understand. There is no reason for NFTs to exist.
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