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Ubisoft teams up with HitRecord for Watch Dogs Legion


Jan 21, 2018
Bordeaux, France

In 2018, Ubisoft announced its partnership with HitRecord, the company of Joseph Gordon-Lewitt, to include fan creations in Beyond Good & Evil 2. Criticized, the initiative will still be back for another game, Watch Dogs Legion.

Indeed, if the process allows to see some creations integrate the game, no wage guarantee is provided before knowing the chosen elements. Thus, many artists have pointed out that Ubisoft favored outside work and potentially free, rather than a job done internally by employees. HitRecord and Ubisoft had defended themselves, preferring to see the possibility of involving fans.

Today, the two companies have indicated to renew the operation for Watch Dogs Legion, as we can read on the official website of Ubisoft:

"Whether you are a music composer, a writer, a singer, a player, or someone with great ideas and a lot of passion ... we are super excited to hear your musical compositions. As in any creative business, some ideas will not go further, and will not materialize as intended, while some elements will not fit the game."

As with Beyond Good & Evil 2, unused items will still be available on HitRecord and could be used for a fee later. For the 10 tracks that will be retained in the final game, each composer will receive $ 2,000, to be shared among the people involved.

Source (in French)
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Jun 21, 2013
If funny how people are trying to spin that in negative term when there is a ton of mod for many many games where people are payed literally nothing.

I guess the difference between that and modding is availability.
I'm not sure we can have modding on console though as a lot of mods are unstable and the devs are responsible for the content crashing the consoles.

This is not as good as what valve does with the marketplace and let the artists directly on the cut.
I wish we will get there with consoles though.