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Ubisoft will be holding a live stream on June 14th at 9:00am PST/12:00pm EST that is dedicated entirely to Assassin's Creed


Fully agree, I’ve been enjoying playing AC on occasion and it becoming GAAS would make occasional play unrewarding.

Sadly Ubisoft wants in the gravy train so this thing will happen.
yes but im %100 sure that we will get a narrative focused basim game that is crossgen ps4/ps5

remember ac rogue, it practically was a slim version of black flag. it was a last final goodbye to ps3/xbox 360. ac rift will probably be the last final good goodbye to ps4/xbox one era. then came the ac unity and it was nextgen only, i think a similar structure is in play here. considering basim is a controversial character just like Shay
the only time i will show any interest is if they go back to the real AC formula. this witcher lite version isnt doing anything for me and is the definition of a game that is mediocre with no soul.
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Origins is a good game, but trying to follow the plot is futile. Either the open world kills the narrative progression or it’s completely nonsensical to begin with.

To me it just highlights how strong narrative driven linear game are in delivering a satisfying plot, especially from the likes of Naughty Dog


How is the ragnarok dlc? I hated the maingame, but this one looked interesting.
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I didn't like Origins at all preferred Valhalla I went back into for the DLCs and felt overloaded on the size of everything and the markers on my map. Maybe give it another run for whatever is in this stream.


Are they finally make AC games good? :O Well, srsly now... Are they finally make a remake of the first AC to make it good? :O
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Why can't they have an event dedicated to Rayman? I think they have enough boring open world games for now.
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Kagey K

No more shit Valhalla please , make a new AC game that is a truely AC game
LOL they started off with a announcement for a free second year of content for Valhalla.

Forgotten Saga (Rogue Like mode) looks interesting actually.
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Roguelite mode perfectly fine and an easy addition with Asgard existing in the game.

. . .wait a minute. This is an announcement stream for future announcements? Wet. Fucking. Fart.
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Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
What a tease


I’ll tune in but have zero expectations. AC hasn’t been good to me since 3 and Unity

Black Flag was the last decent AC.

The series is a complete joke now.

It's the same Ubisoft formula over and over and over again, i really don't understand how so many people still like these games.

Presumably they are people who didn't place AC 1 to Black Flag and only picked up AC from Origins onwards.


The new games are way too big. I'd like to see them make a few highly detailed cities while keeping the RPG formula. The naval stuff needs to go as well.


At least it's free, although i haven't bought Dawn of Ragnarok yet, im not paying 33 quid for it and i wasn't a big fan of Asgard and Jutenheim, if it goes on sale then maybe.
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