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Event UFC 254: Khabib vs. Gaethje

Khabib or Gaethje?

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Dec 31, 2008
Eh he weighed in at 155, even if the scale didn't stabilize all the way he still had one pound of leeway left.
Championship fights don't have leeway. 155.0 is the maximum.

But I think it's all a non-event. He opted to weigh in first to maximize the time he would have to make weight after failing. So the way the scale moved he was probably 155.5 or maybe 156.0. He can easily shed that weight in the allotted two-hour window by throwing up or taking a diuretic or whatever trick they have. To be clear, he should have had to go through the suck of last-ditch weight cut, but ultimately I doubt it will matter for the fight.


Apr 15, 2007
London UK
The odds on Gaethje seem really off.
I do probably expect Khabib to win but £20 on Gaethje almost gets me £80 back.
If Khabib has had a tough weight cut then I think it'll be much more competitive then those odds suggest.


Jul 31, 2005
I keep vacillating on Khabib v Gaethje, but I am going to pick a Gaethje upset. I don’t think Gaethje is better than Khabib, they are both capable of winning, but Khabib had a particularly drained appearance at the weigh-in, which may translate to more trouble with the takedowns/keeping Gaethje down, and he will have to deal with a damaging set of hands. Gaethje by decision.

Unfortunately, I think Whittaker is going to lose by KO. I know he says he was burnt out, but I just don’t think his chin is the same and he has appeared less fluid in movement in his last 2 fights. I sincerely hope he proves me wrong.

This card is at an awful time for me. I will be well and truly asleep, but I know my subconscious is going to wake me and try to fool me into checking results. I’ll try to resist and catch the replay without spoilers.
Feb 8, 2018
I've never seen someone go down from a shot right to the front like that; usually the liver shot is from a hook to the side. :messenger_fearful:
Looks like he got him between the ribs, bruised maybe but by the time the pain subsides the ref calls it. Good work rate from Volk.
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Jul 6, 2015
Cannonier can't seem to do anything aside from leg kicks. He better land a hail mary shot this round otherwise this ones over.