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UK: Trump admin ‘clumsy and inept'

Hissing Sid

Feb 19, 2015
Guy fucks up and makes an international faux pa by being caught slagging off foreign ally.

Guys job is based in the nation he slagged off.

Guys job relies heavily upon being on good terms with the administration of the nation he slagged off.

Administration of the nation he slagged off see their arses with him and he becomes persona-non-grata to said administration.

Guys job is fucked.

Guy doesn’t immediately apologise profusely and fall upon his sword thereby putting his nations interests above his own.

Instead, guy does the usual non culpability tapdance routine to a musical score supplied by UK media plc and co starring the awful Teresa May and right dishonourable Jeremy Cunt, the member of parliament for Slimesville UK. Corbyn jeers and throws peanuts from the cheap seats, as per.

UK media attempts to catch Boris Johnson in a ‘gotcha’ moment by asking if he’ll stand by the guy who fucked up. Johnson is non-committal on the subject and refuses to be cornered.

Guy finally resigns.

And apparently, along with everything else that’s wrong in the world these days, It’s all Boris Johnson’s fault.


I’m guessing that some people really don’t want Boris to be Prime Minister.
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