Ultimate Popeyes vs. KFC 3: The Clash of Two Chickens (UMVC3 GAF Grudge Match)

Okay. Here's the deal.

Ever since MvC3 came out, there has been an epic debate. Popeye's or KFC?

Nobody really cares about team building. Nobody really cares about how broken Phoenix is (was) or how team Wolverine/Akuma was team Herp/Dederp.

What everyone really cares about is what chicken is best. Obviously, the answer to the question is Popeye's. When you have videos like this dealing with what your customers go through when you run out of chicken, you know something good/AWFUL (those poor customers!) is going on. Or, you get videos very similar, where hella people are pissed. Meanwhile, you put the same search terms (Brand name + chicken) into Youtube and what do you get for KFC? YOU GET THIS.

I mean, chicken are delicious and all. However, I just can't stand for this nonsense anymore. Popeye's is obviously the best fast food chicken, and it in fact stands up as just genuinely good fried chicken. However, some members of GAF just can't agree. Some members of GAF seem to think that KFC serves better chicken. Some members of GAF just can't understand that Popeye's is obviously, the best.

So what did I do? I decided that this long, long, long feud had to be nipped in the bud. I challenged Spindashing, the main proponent of KFC chicken (and a fellow member of scrub gaf) to a first to five in UMvC3. This is where you come in, GAF.

You get to determine who out of the UMvC3 cast is more KFC, and who is more Popeye's. Determine this by next Tuesday, the 29th. On that date, we will have a week to prepare our teams via your decisions. Our epic FT5 will be streamed via the awesome kids in Portland at http://bestbout.com/, who stream every Tuesday and Friday evenings, on Tuesday the 6th. Time is still TBD. The loser has to post a picture of themselves eating some chicken from the oppositions choice of chicken, and be ENJOYING IT.

I can't take this anymore. Popeye's is the superior chicken, and I look forward to proving it in the field of battle. Stay free, KFC GAF.


P.S. Did I mention that Spindashing is a member of PS3 GAF only, and that I'm going to be accommodating him by setting up a PS3 for streaming and using someone else's joystick during our battle? GATDAMN.

Popeyes tastes great and usually has pretty good deals.

KFC gives me the runs and doesn't stand out in any way in terms of flavor.

I don't know how this is even a contest.
Someone brought in some buckets of KFC at work the other day for everyone. I hadn't eaten KFC in so long I had forgotten the soggy deliciousness. Actually I haven't eaten any junk food in a good while so it made my heart hurt and my ears flush and feel very hot...
I honestly thought this was another PETA thing.

I really REALLY wish I lived in the Bizarro land you guys live in where Popeye's is good. Because the one we have where I live here in California is terrible. The chicken is decent at best but everything else (corn, potatoes, biscuits) is awful. And if Yelp is any indication, the nearby locations aren't really any better.

I just went to see family in New Zealand and had some GODLY chicken (do they have Wicked Wings here, I forget) at the KFCs there. Seriously, best stuff I've ever had in a restaurant next to Knott's Berry Farm.
I thought chicken matches were only for SNK games.

Am I the only one who first read this and thought this was going to be some poverty dojin fighter?


And on the sixth day the LORD David Bowie created man and woman in His image. And he saw that it was good. On the seventh day the LORD created videogames so that He might take the bloody day off for once.
KFC?! Really, spin? That's the saddest shit I've ever heard.

Godspeed, Popeye's Master Race. Please beat some sense into this lost soul.

Wish I knew the game well enough to pick a poultry-appropriate roster :/
Chicken match? Let's gooooooo!

Iron Man
Captain America
Chun Li
Phoenix Wright
Ghost Rider
Doctor Strange
Frank West

Iron Fist
Super Skrull
This thread just made me want some GODDAMN PIONEER CHICKEN.

Unfortunately, unless you happen to live in the Los Angeles area (or China apparently) you will likely never had heard of this god among fast-food chicken restaurants.

Continue fighting over your garbage you poor souls.
Ummm.. Popeyes all the way. KFC is disgusting now compared to how it was growing up. Popeyes got greasy too, but DEM BISCUITS!
Even though if you want disgusting chicken, go to Churches Chicken
Harolds Chicken in Chicago is THE BEST. They got that Hawkeye tech.


Do I win a prize for talking about my penis on the Internet???
Popeyes wins by a mile, thier chicken is dangerously scrumptious. 3 piece dark spicy with hot sauce and taters.

Also KFC is played out in the real world and in mahvel.
Here I was searching for the actual Mahvel thread and I find this malarkey. :lol

Let's go. Here's hoping my actual team falls under KFC.



Everything is moe to me
huh... i've never had popeyes before, but according to their website there is one kittycorner to my nearest intersection.

worth checking out?


Maturity, bitches.
Popeyes doesn't exist in the UK as far as I know so they can't be that good.

And while unrelated to MvC, Donarudo is superior.
Like there's a discussion.

It's Popeyes. It will always be Popeyes.

If you think some silly video game will make a difference in this, you're wrong.

Good day to you, sir.